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Why Do Some Pokemon Bounce and Glow in Boxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

In order to fill in the empty areas in your PokeDex, it is highly likely that you’ll have to rely on other trainers to complete the task. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have various game-exclusive species, making filling out the PokeDex somewhat difficult for each player and making trading more crucial. But, when you’re deciding on the best trade option, it could be challenging to identify the species that the second player hasn’t got. Or if you’re not on the last species on your PokeDex, there’s a good possibility that you’ll not be able to tell what the other player is missing. There are some tips that the screen for trading gives you to aid in the process; however, the game does not precisely explain what they are. Find out the most obvious signs and what they are indicating.

Why Do Certain Pokemon Have a White Halo When Trading in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

If you’ve been playing the trading screen with other trainers, you may have seen a few Pokemon with an ethereal halo and then scurrying around inside the boxes. The game does not provide a reason for this characteristic, and many players are contemplating what these signals are. If you notice the animations in your boxes, they signify that the player you’re trading with does not possess the species in their Pokedex and therefore hasn’t seen this Pokemon in battle or logged the Pokemon to their Dex. This makes it simpler to spot games-exclusive Pokemon and may assist if you’re unsure which species to trade.

The feature is only available to five species in each box to make this function more challenging. If you trade with a new player, and you only have only a handful of Pokemon with white haloes and jump animations, that’s the reason. It’s logical because filling each unknown species with animations and halos could be extremely confusing and make it difficult to decide the species you want to trade with. In addition, this feature might not appear during Surprise Trades since you’re unaware of whom you’re trading.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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