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Where to find Snover in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Snover is one of the most adorable and distinctive Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet. It appears to be a combination of human and tree due to its arms and legs, but they’re like a tree branch, giving the appearance of a tree. Snover is a grass- and ice-type Pokemon, which makes it immune to grass, water, electric, and ground-type Pokemon attacks. Acquiring Snover isn’t that difficult; however, you must locate it first. Here’s how you can locate and capture Snover in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to Find and catch Snover in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To catch a Snover, you must go to its habitat. Just one location serves as the habitat for this Pokemon, and that is the majority of the northern snows of Paldea. The entire region is considered to be one of the regions with higher levels, and there the Pokemons are powerful, so you need to be ready.

Snover location in pokemon scarlet and violet
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Snover is among the most common Pokemons within the region, and you’ll likely locate it in many areas of the region. However, if you’re trying to find it, go to Glaseado Gym Pokemon Centre. Now, head south from there to the road. You will come across some Snovers walking around.

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If you see an elusive Snover, you can head towards it or throw a Pokeball to initiate a fight. At the beginning of the fight, you can throw a Quick Ball to catch it without fighting. If you don’t own a Quick Ball, you must be able to damage the Pokemon slightly.

It is recommended to use poison, fire fighting, bug steel, rock, or flying Pokemons, as Snover is weak against them that can allow you to deal quick damage. When you’ve damaged enough, throw the Pokeball to capture it. If Snover can escape from the Pokeball, throw a great or ultra Pokeball that almost guarantees the catch.

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