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Important note: those who are just beginning the game cannot buy this Mirror Herb. The Herb is sold later in the initial match. We suggest defeating your Gym Leaders first before looking through the store’s inventory. The players must buy 1 Mirror Herb to use on the Pokemon they have at their party. The ability to use this for all the Pokemon (once for each Pokemon) is costly, but it is worth it. It’s easier to use than the typical Pokemon breeding procedure.

How to Make use of the Mirror Herb

To utilize Mirror Herb, players must do five steps:

  • Purchase The Mirror Herb in Cascarrafa’s Delibird Presents store (Battle Inventory of Items).
  • You can catch a Pokemon that has the move you want to duplicate to be an egg move for the Pokemon in your current party.
  • Once both Pokemon are captured. Set up Pokemon in your active party. There is the possibility of having other Pokemon within the party simultaneously, and it will not impact the effectiveness that you can make of your Mirror Herb. This is because Pokemon that have the Herb can only learn actions within the Egg Group.
  • Important note: For Pokemon with a complete move set, you must erase any move, in summary, to allow for the new one. Click on Move and Stats summary for the Pokemon you’d like to apply the Herb. You can do this by pressing the Aon for the Pokemon you want to switch moves for. Select ‘ Review Summary and then select lefton on the D-Pad. Click A on the Moves & Stats page and select ‘ Forget Moves.’ Then, you can choose the move you would like your Pokemon do not forget to give room to it to use the Mirror Herb move.
  • Create a Picnic with two Pokemon. Then, close to the Picnic function. The move will then be duplicated.

Learning Egg Movements

If you’re interested in knowing the Egg moves a Pokemon can learn from a trainer, check out Serebii.net. You can search for the Pokemon you want to learn a new move. Maybe you’re building an individual move set that will be used against those Tera Raids or the Black Tera Charizard. In any case, this information isn’t accessible in Scarlet and Violet; therefore, players must head to Serebii to learn what a Pokemon Egg Move is. From there, players can find out the moves that can be replicated using The Mirror Herb and look for the Pokemon to find out who has the move they want.