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What to do in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet after finishing the game?

Sometimes games can feel empty after you finish the main story, but this is different for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. After the credits roll, we’ll discuss everything you can do in the game.

All Post-Game content in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Participate in the Academy Ace Tournament

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The Academy Ace Tournament can be done immediately after you have completed your credit rolls. Director Clavell proposes that the school hold a tournament to celebrate your achievement as a Champion since there is no immediate danger to Paldea. As Chairwoman Geeta prepares to host the events, she asks that you test the strength of the gym leaders in your place.

Once you have completed the story, you are eligible to join the Academy Ace Tournament at any moment. It’s Paldea’s Battle Frontier.

Enter six-star Tera Raids

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After you win the Academy Ace Tournament, six-star Tera Raids will be unlocked. Jacq will inform you about the appearance of black Tera Crystals in the region. These crystals can be used to create six-star Tera Raids. The level 90 Pokemon you will be fighting is infinitely better than the level 75 five-star Tera Raid Pokemon.

Beat a few five-star Raids if you still can’t find black Tera Crystals after resetting your day, as it is necessary to unlock sir star Teraraids. The number includes online Tera Raids.

Try competitive battling

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You now have the tools to cultivate the best Pokemon for battle, online or offline. After you have spoken to Nurse Joy, she will add Judge to your Box. The Judge will let you know how genetically strong your Pokemon are. To be able to compete in the competition scene, you must have Pokemon with perfect genetics.

Complete all classes and become close to the staff

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The Academy’s classes are not just for tutorial purposes. You get EXP when you complete them. This also gives you a chance to make friends with your teachers. Cool rewards include Tera Shards and a Meowth for completing all of your school nurse’s assignments. Below, we’ll discuss that last one.

Find the Ruinous Quartet

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You’ll be able to unlock the quest to find the “Treasures of Ruin” if you have completed all History classes and kept up with Raifort’s story. They are hidden behind four gates in Paldea. Raifort will mark the locations on your map. To unlock each gate, you must first find eight stakes (32 in total). This quest will motivate you to explore every area of Paldea if you haven’t already.

Capture the Titan Pokemon

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Although technically you don’t have to wait until the end of the game, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet allows you to hunt the Titan Pokemon you defeated in the Path of Legends taleline. They won’t be large because they no longer have Herba Mystica for food. You can still find small versions of these Titan Pokemon in the vicinity where you battled them. They only have one, so don’t let them fall!

The Pokedex does not require the use of Titan Pokemon. These are mutated versions that exist in the game, such as Orthworm and Dondozo.

Complete the Pokedex

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Paldea’s Pokedex contains 400 Pokemon. After you have captured all the Pokemon, you will receive a nice certificate and an exclusive Pokeball. You also get a Shiny Charm which increases the chance of seeing Shiny Pokemon in nature. You will need to trade Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for exclusives.

Complete the Shiny Pokedex

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After you have completed your Pokedex, you can move on to your Shiny Pokedex. It is the most challenging task in any Pokemon game. It involves hatching or capturing all 400 Shiny Pokemon (or Pokemon born with different colors) in the Paldea Pokedex. Shiny Pokemon have a chance of appearing only once in 4,000 times. However, the rates are significantly higher if you use Shiny Charms and the right sandwiches.

Make every sandwich recipe in Paldea

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Trainers can prepare sandwiches at picnics to share with their Pokemon. Depending on your ingredients, you can get boosts such as faster egg hatches or better encounters. Did you know there are 121 sandwich recipes that you can find in the area? Learning to make them all is difficult, so it’s mostly trial and error. Porto Marinada has most of the ingredients that you will need.

Beat all the trainers of Paldea

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There is a better way to show that you are a champion than Geela than to pull a Nemona out and challenge everyone to a battle. Each area will also have a Pokemon League representative who will reward those who beat the majority of trainers in their vicinity. These rewards can be very costly items in stores, items you won’t find in stores (like an Amulet Coin), or TMs you won’t get the recipe for in Starfall Street. It’s worth fighting enough trainers to earn the prize in each area, even if they are not all.

Enter special Tera Raid events

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The developers of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will release limited-time events until the game’s 10th generation. These events will typically be Tera Raids. You can join the Nintendo Switch Online Membership if you have one. You can join them if you have a Nintendo Switch Online Membership.

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