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What is a Roster Friend in Lost Ark?

A Roster friend” is a feature of Lost Ark that allows you to add (friend) an entire account with multiple characters.

Lost Ark from Smilegate RPG is a 3-D fantasy MMORPG featuring an action RPG-style combat game.

Lost Ark offers remarkable easy-to-learn features in-depth and provides room to personalize the Tripod system.

The various classes in Lost Ark allow you to explore until you find the perfect character for you. In addition, you’ll unlock three levels of personalization to each of your strengths, enabling you to control your fighting style.

When you go on your adventure, non-combat-related skills crafting, guilds, guilds, social networks, and many other exciting features allow you to live in the world. Whether you’d like to explore the surface or dive into the depths is entirely up to you.

Like other MMOs, players can also make friends in Lost Ark who can join them in their fight. While users are battling the Lost Ark’s challenges alone, adding friends is an alternative. You can add friends directly to this game.

However, you may have certain friends who are known in the game as “Roster Friends” instead. If you’ve got a lot of Roster friends and you’re not sure what they’re the answer is in this article.

What’s the difference between “Friend” and “Roster Friend” in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, we can divide Friends lists into two groups: Friends and Roster Friends. So let’s talk about the difference between them.

When you choose to add someone as a “Friend” within Lost Ark, you might not be aware if they’ve alternative characters or not. Lost Ark encourages players to create various characters since having multiple characters can dramatically increase the speed of progression of your primary character. If you choose to include a character as a “Friend” within Lost Ark, this only will make you a friend to that particular character.

When the person you added as a friend logs onto an alternate character, he will not be able to connect with you until he adds you with that character; that’s an unnecessary burden. The act of adding someone to a “Roster Friend” will mark the “whole account as a Friend” regardless of the character to play.

The word “friend” refers to the character only, while the roster friend represents the entire account.

When to add someone as a Roster Friend in Lost Ark?

If you are playing with someone with several characters, adding them to Roster Friend makes interacting with them much easier. Lost Ark will inform you whenever a Roster Friend log onto one of their characters, and you’ll no longer be concerned about the characters they’re playing.

With various class types and playstyles available in Lost Ark, many users you know likely have other characters that they regularly use. Look through your friend list to see the characters they’ve used on multiple occasions. You’ll need to add them to Roster Friends if they have.

If you know that your close buddies have many characters, it is best to include them in “Roster Friends. “This allows you to organize events such as Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons without the need to add every particular person to your friend list. If you want to add a friend who’s not as committed to the game and has fewer alternative characters, You can do that by clicking “Friend. “

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