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What does Wisdom do in Lost Ark, and How to Increase Wisdom

Lost Ark can be described as an MMORPG with a wide range of side missions and tasks to finish. It has several intricate features and systems. Virtues are among the most confusing and complicated features of the game.

There are four kinds of virtues available within Lost Ark- Courage, Charisma, Wisdom and Kindness. They must fulfil specific requirements to communicate with particular NPCs. One of the virtues listed is Wisdom. This guide will let you understand what Wisdom does in Lost Ark and how to find and increase Wisdom in Lost Ark.

What is Wisdom in Lost Ark?

What does wisdom do in the lost ark, and how to increase wisdom
Wisdom in Lost Ark

“Wisdom is the ability to tackle difficult problems. The more convincing your words and actions be, the wise you’ll be.” At the end of the story’s main mission, Wisdom will be the second most important virtue next to charisma. Completing all of the main story missions will give you a lot of Wisdom.

Harmony Dialogue options also enhance the ability to increase Wisdom. Being aware of a specific issue in the NPCs and offering them guidance will result in regular dosages of Wisdom.

What does Wisdom do in Lost Ark?

Wisdom is stats that allow you to unlock “Rapports”. Getting favour with rapports can give you additional benefits such as cards or others. You can use Wisdom to unlock special quests offered by NPCs. These quests can be a great power source for high-level characters, so saving them from the main quest can allow you to get through the late-game grind.

How to Find and Increase Wisdom in Lost Ark

Wisdom is among the most crucial virtues to increase. There are many ways to boost your Wisdom. Below we have listed the methods to enhance Wisdom within the Lost Ark-

  1. Main story quests are the best ways to improve your Wisdom. You can develop Wisdom by participating in and completing main story quests.
  2. Una’s Tasks are a great method to boost Wisdom. Before you choose a task, first find out whether the specific task can improve Wisdom or not.
  3. Create strong relations with the NPCs, pay attention to their issues, and provide them with the most efficient solutions. These solutions will enhance your Wisdom.
  4. You can unlock certain titles that grant you Wisdom. Before unlocking the title, determine which title offers the most Wisdom.

For more details check out the list of Wisdom Potion locations in Lost Ark.

QuestTotopia (Island)Guide Quest: Her NameGuide Quest: The Case of the Missing Totopian
KaysarrGreat Castle, YornRapport: Friendly100 Charisma
150 Wisdom
World Quest: The Final Report
OreldaGlass Lotus Lake,
Rapport: FriendlyWorld Quest: Dream-Stricken Elzowin
CalsWavestrand Port,
East Luterra
Rapport: Trusted40 Charisma
40 Kindness
Main Quest:  Set Sail
Toto ElderToto Silver IslandRapport: Trusted20 Wisdom
30 Kindness
Guide Quest: Totoiki’s New Dream
JaharaNia Village,
Rapport: Trusted120 Wisdom
Guide Quest: Where Memories Begin
GideonRania Village,
North Vern
Rapport: Trusted30 Courage
World Quest: Qualifications to Enter Balankar
Una’s Daily Task Reputation RewardVernese Forest, North VernUna’s Task: Fairy’s Friend– Reputation Level 3
Una’s Daily Task Reputation RewardPort City Changhun, AnikkaUna’s Task: Anxious Mind – Reputation Level 3
Una’s Daily Task Reputation RewardTotopia (Island)Una’s Task: Totopia Tutor for a Day – Reputation Level 3
QuestAzure Wind IslandQuest: Meadow’s RiddlesQuest: Returning the Flowers
Quest: Buried in Flowers
QuestLuterra Castle,
East Luterra
Quest: A Risky BetChain Quest: Sir Meehan Is Watching You (Step 5)
Adventurer’s TomeYudia40% Completion
Adventurer’s TomeArthetine20% Completion
Adventurer’s TomeRohendel20% Completion
MinervaWisdom IsleTurn In 2 Giant’s HeartsCollect 2 Giant’s Hearts

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