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How to Unlock Cars and Cosmetic Items in Need for Speed Unbound

You can unlock a lot while you race around, explore, and even outrun the police in Need for Speed Unbound. However, the most appealing thing about a game is the free items you can get by playing. It is a matter of what the procedure is to unlock this. We can help you understand how unlocking cars and other accessories in Need for Speed Unbound!

How to unlock Cars and cosmetic Items in Need for Speed Unbound

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If you want to unlock amazing things at the cost of playing, there are many ways to achieve this. The first and most direct method is to complete every week’s Qualifier.

To qualify, you’ll have to finish the entire week of activities leading to it. Then you must get to the point of qualifying when participating in the Qualifier competition on Saturday evenings. Once you’ve done that, the car listed as the reward is added to the collection of vehicles that you can drive.

If you’re not keen to wait around for those big rewards for your car, you can get cars and other cosmetic items for your vehicle and characters by completing the game’s challenges. Each challenge comes with its own set of rules for the tasks to be completed and earn the reward that comes with it.

Based on my experience, it’s relatively easy to finish, and the majority are based on your progress or are completed quickly, like eliminating five officers. One of the best things concerning challenges is monitoring them to ensure you are informed of how you’re doing. Also, check out the various types of challenges currently being offered.

Every Challenge Typed is Need for Speed Unbound

Story: This has something to do with the story’s progress.

Skill: This boils down to the way you do it.

Activities: The Activities you have to do around Lakeshore.

Collectibles: The one you’re looking at is related to your progress in determining how many Collectibles you have found thus far.

That’s all you need to know about unlocking cosmetics and cars inside Need for Speed Unbound! If this guide has helped you and you want to know more, look at our other guides for help.

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