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How to get Three Segment Dudunsparce in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Dudunsparce is the much-anticipated improvement of the notoriously useless Dunsparce. It has a somewhat trollish appearance; it’s not the seraph-like Dragon-type evolution that fans had hoped for. Instead, we got what we deserve with Dudunsparce, which is basically Dunsparce and has an additional segment that makes it longer. This fun and hilarious change come in two forms: the Two-Segment form and the Three-Segment form. The Three-Segment Form is just an additional segment, making it longer.

Most people who evolve Dunsparce to Dundunsparce will be able to get the more popular variant, which is the Two-Segment Form. However, Dunsparce enthusiasts and avid Pokemon collectors will be looking to obtain the Three-Segment Type, a less common variant that can only be obtained through pure luck. If your Dunsparce transforms into Dudunsparce with a two-segment boy or a Three-Segment taller boy is entirely up to chance.

How do you get the Three-Segment Form Dudunsparce?

Dunsparce changes into Dudunsparce as it increases in level after mastering the Hyper Drill. The move is learned naturally by Dunsparce at the level of 32. Therefore, you only have to increase the level of your Dunsparce to gain Dudunsparce. Every time you upgrade your Dunsparce, there is a chance that you’ll be able to obtain a Three-Segment Dudunsparce. This means your odds of getting the Three-Segment form are significantly less than 1/25.

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Contrary to the family of three Maushold, which can obtain the rarer variant via the raids, Dudunsparce is always two-segment Dudunsparce. That means you won’t be able to get the Three-Segment Dudunsparce through raids, and you’ll need to concentrate on advancing many Dunsparces. Be aware that the two forms don’t have differences in stats and capabilities. The difference between the two types is only visual, so you can pick it up if you like your Dudunsparce and have some extra length.

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