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What is the Shrine of the Omnissiah in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

Warhammer 40K Darktide has many kiosks around the hub that you can keep track of. The Mission Terminal is at one end, and the Psykhanium/Meat Grinder is on the other. There are three kiosks on either side. Although it’s quite a lot, it fits in the Mourningstar’s limited space. We’re here to help you understand the meaning of one such kiosk. Here’s what the Shrine of the Omnissiah looks like in Warhammer 40K, Darktide.

What does the Shrine of The Omnissiah do in Darktide?

You can reach it by going to the Mourningstar spawn. The center will have a kiosk lit up with Hadron and a servitor who can modify what appears to be a Lasgun. You can interact with any terminal to open the Shrine of the Omnissiah. This will allow you to Entreat Hadron and eventually combine blessings.

You’ll find four options in the Entreat Hadron menu. The only one that is currently available is Consecrate. Select the item from your inventory, and then click Consecrate. You can upgrade a white weapon to green, a green to a blue weapon, and so on. An item can be upgraded to improve its Rating and stats. You also get a Perk or Blessing. You will need to spend Plasteel or Diamantine. Both of these can be found in every mission.

Fatshark has suggested other options beyond Consecrate. Once the actions are implemented, each of them will perform the following:

  • Refine Item: Change a Perk from one designated weapon to the next.
  • Earn Blessing: Get Blessing from a Weapon You Don’t Want to Wear.
  • Re-Bless: Use the current Blessing to exchange for a Blessing you have obtained.
  • Combine blessings: Convert three Blessings to one Blessing that can be applied to a weapon.

Although the current Crafting system at the Shrine of the Omnissiah in Darktide is a little barebone, it will improve over the next few months. We’ll update you once it is fixed.

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