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Splatoon 3: New Game mode’s Balancing issues are causing the Ink to flow

The Splatoon 3 demo was available this Saturday between 10:00 AM and 10 PM. It was a highly-anticipated event for those who love Nintendo’s family shooter. It was a chance to explore the new features of this brand new title, and in particular, to be a part of the legendary tricolor wars that took place during the very first Splatfest. However, the excitement was not long-lasting due to significant balancing problems. We will explain the entire story to you.

Fresh paint

The game is scheduled to launch on September 9 only on Nintendo Switch, and Splatoon 3 is slowly getting ready to show itself to gamers. Following a Treehouse last week and a Nintendo Direct several days ago, the colorful shooter fans were looking forward to seeing the game’s demo this weekend. The game’s creator then suggested playing for the entire day in the very first Splatfest in the sport, playing in very first game, opposing for the first time three teams instead of just two, the well-known trio of scissors, paper, and rock.

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Additionally, to the tutorial and creation of characters, players who downloaded the game demo over the weekend were allowed to pick one of three teams and then face each other during the time between 10:00 AM between 10:00 PM. It was a chance to explore the new game decks, but mainly to obtain the Trisperceur and the Eclatana (a bow and a Katana), two of the latest weapons most sought-after by players. Although the demo was restricted as it only gave access to multiplayer games and an instructional video, it let players play the classic Territory Wars and try out the brand-new Tricolor Wars associated with the new format from Splatfest.

Three teams One loser

An exciting new feature in this latest game, Tricolor Wars, is a significant new feature. Tricolor Wars are a new game mode that allows Splatoon 3 players to take on 4v2v2 battles in a sort of variation akin to Territory War. It is only available during games’ Splatfest, and they are activated when the second part of the Splatfest has started, allowing the two weaker teams the chance to change the game by partnering up against the strongest. Not long before, players realized that the new mode of play was unstable, offering the supposed leading team less chance of maintaining their advantage.

Splatoon 3 three teams one loser

This weekend, beginning around 4.30 PM, Splatoon 3 players could see that the team representing scissors was in a prominent position to be the festival winner. The Tricolor Wars became available, and the Splatfest continued as follows:

  • Stone and Leaf teams had the choice to keep fighting only with Territory War or to change to Tricolor War.
    • If they opt for Territory War, they continue to play the game as they did before in 4v4 with an opponent from a Rock, Paper, or Scissors team.
    • If they chose to participate in the Tricolor War, they teamed with the other losing team to take on the Scissors in a 4v2v2.
  • The Scissors team was left with no choice and randomly played 4v4 during Turf War or 4v2v2 against the Stone/Leaf alliance.

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The Tricolor War rules are very similar to those of the Territory Wars. In fact, in addition to the eliminations, it’s the amount of paint applied to the ground that determines who wins. So, the team that has succeeded in painting the largest area at the end of the timer is declared the winner. But unlike Turf Wars, two teams team up to defeat other. It doesn’t matter whether the Stones or Leaves have dropped the most paint; if one is the most dominant, both win the game against Scissors.

The Scissors therefore find themselves in the middle of the field having to defend their position, as well as a new object of desire: the Tridenfusee . If the attacking teams (here the Stones and the Leaves) capture a Tridenrocket, the latter will automatically deposit ink as the game progresses. Knowing that they can capture up to two, this is a key element to defend for the Scissors .

Despite a presumed distinction in numbers, the Scissors were in a completely unbalanced scenario, and players quickly realized it was nearly impossible to win in a Tricolor War in defense. If the Scissors did not keep the Tridenfusee in the first place, they would not have the chance to go away to ink the remaining territory, and the central area did not have enough to be over 33% of the map.

If they had left the region of the Tridenrocket, the other teams would have been able to retrieve it with no difficulties and capturing these two elements provided them with an impressive advantage. The sole option that appeared to help the scissors was to use long-range weapons to keep out anyone who tried to enter the central region; however, this strategy required extremely high coordination and did not allow for even the slightest mistake.

Problems that work

Unexpectedly, Team Stone ended up winning the European Splatfest with 25 points, then Team Leaf with 10 points, and then Team Scissors with 0 points. The advantage that Team Scissors had enjoyed in the first half was wiped out due to the unbalance of Tricolor Wars, allowing the other two teams to gain the lead.

Splotoon 3 winning team trophe

The two winning teams enjoyed their win, but the reality is that the balancing issue will cause plenty of problems for the next Splatfests. Players are already looking for options to resolve the issue, like decreasing the effectiveness of the Triden Rockets and changing the roles of each team so the team that leads during the opening half of the game doesn’t lose all of its advantages.

Alongside the difficulties of balancing this Tricolor War, it should be noted that Nintendo servers didn’t seem adequate for the event. Many players were affected by connection issues while searching for games or during the event, which caused an abrupt disconnect and end of the game for all players. Even if the connection issues weren’t widespread, we hope they will become less frequent after the game is released.

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