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Crayon Shin-chan game for PS4 release in August worldwide

Today Neos announced the PlayStation 4 port of Crayon Shin-chan to be available for download: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation, The Endless Seven-Day Journey.

The game will be available on the old-gen Sony console in August 2022. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that it will also be available simultaneously in Japan, America, and Europe.

Although voices will only be in Japanese, the text will also be available in Japanese, English, and German.

It was originally launched in Japan and Asia for PlayStation Switch and has sold over 400,000 copies since then. Major retailers had already sold out when the game launched. The developer claims it is still in high demand, but the announcement today does not indicate whether the original Switch version will ever be released in the west.

Tomorrow, you can see some localized screenshots and the splash screen.


Shin chan game storyline

Hiroshi has to travel to Kyushu on business, so the Nohara family decided to stay with Misae’s childhood friend in Assou Kumamoto.

They meet a stranger at Kumamoto Station as they travel to Assou. He offers them a camera and asks for witnesses.

Shinnosuke can now enjoy the Assou mountains and fields to the fullest with his new camera. Shinnosuke was surprised to find creatures in the Assou fields and mountains that he wouldn’t have found in Kasukabe. Some townspeople can help him and new friends to make.

But don’t these children look a lot like the ones he knows?

Shinnosuke witnessed a huge creature silhouetted against the full moon on a cool summer night. A strange man smiles wide next to the creature.

The same strange man gave him the camera at the station.

He calls himself the Evil Professor. Assou now witnesses more bizarre events.

Crayon Shin-chan is a popular manga series created by Yoshito Uji. It debuted in 1990. A long-running anime series was created in 1992 and is still being produced.

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