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Anime Journey Codes September 2022: Free Spins and Gems

A Complete Roblox Anime Journey Codes to get Free Spins and Gems and other Rewards.

Anime Journey is a new Roblox game that is inspired by anime, where you need to take on the challenge of becoming the most popular anime character. In the game, you have to choose the character you want to play from a range of famous anime heroes like Naruto, Luffy, or Goku and make them more robust, then beat a series of enemies.

Anime Journey also allows you to build your own hero by combining a blend of various anime elements.

As you level up and progress through the game, there are various unlocks and skills. You’ll require a few codes to accelerate the process. Some game features are missing because it’s still in the beta phase.

Anime Journey codes can offer you valuable rewards like free spins or gems that you can use to change the character’s classes to a different one. That’s why we have created the Anime Journey codes guide so you can access all existing and new codes together in one place.

As time passes, we will see many additional promo codes, so save this page to keep track of the latest Anime Journey codes.

Let’s dive right in.

All Working Anime Journey Codes

The list below have all working Anime Journey codes.

  • LELYGAMER – Sakura clothes + 10 Spins (new!)
  • OGVEXX → 20 minutes of XP boost + Ace Cloths
  • 40K_LIKES → 15 Spins + 250 Gems
  • 60K_FAVS → Reset Stats + 30 Minutes of Double XP
  • LEADERBOARDS → 10 Spins + 100 Gems
  • KELVINGTS → 20 Spins + 3D cloths
  • lelygamer → 5 Spins

Note: On September 26, 2022 we checked for new codes.

Please note that to redeem the Anime Journey promo codes, make sure to enter the exact code as all these codes are case→sensitive. The Anime Journey codes list is regularly updated whenever developers release new codes.

Expired Anime Journey Codes

We have also compiled all expired Roblox Anime Journey codes so you can track the record of expired ones.

  • 5KLIKES → 10 Spins
  • 10KLIKES → 10 Spins
  • 15KDISC → 10 Spins
  • 20KLIKES → 20 spins
  • 25KLIKES → 15 minutes of XP + 15 spins + Stats Reset
  • 2kplayers → 10 Spins
  • 2MVISITS → Stats Reset + 5 Spins
  • 30K_LIKES → 15 minutes of XP + 15 Spins + 35 Gems
  • 35K_LIKES → Coins + XP Boost + Other Goodies
  • 40KFAVS → 10 Spins + 30 minutes of XP Boost!
  • AtlasZero → 10 Spins
  • BLACKCLOVER → 5 Spins
  • BOKUNOHERO → Coins + XP Boost + Other Goodies
  • BUGFIX_UPDATE → XP Boost + Rewards
  • Central_Nerd → 10 Spins
  • EXP_BOOST → XP Boost
  • Frango → 10 minutes of Double XP + 5 Spins
  • GEMS → 100 Gems
  • LITTLE_UPDATE → 2.5k Coins + 10 Spins + 50 Gems + 10 minutes of XP Boost
  • LITTLE_UPDATE2 → 2.5k Coins + 10 Spins + 50 Gems + 10 minutes of XP Boost
  • LITTLE_UPDATE3 → 20K Coins + 10 minutes of Exp Boost
  • LucasBestDev → 10 Spins
  • MYHEROACADEMIA → 20k Coins + XP Boost
  • NEWBALANCE → 15 Spins + 20 minutes of XP
  • NEWUPDATE → 15 Spins + 20 minutes of XP
  • RELEASE → 15 Spins
  • REBALANCE → 15 Spins + 20 minutes of XP
  • SorryForShuts → 3 Spins
  • THANKS → 50 Spins + 200 Gems + 20K Coins + 60 minutes of Double XP
  • TigreTV → 20 Spins
  • lely_sc → 5 Spins

How do I redeem codes in Anime Journey?

How to redeem codes in anime journey

Launch the Anime Journey game from Roblox to redeem Anime Journey codes. Navigate to the Menu by clicking the Arrow icon, then press the Gift box. Finally, enter your desired code and press Redeem button to get free rewards.

 Follow these simple steps.

  1. Launch the game
  2. Navigate to Menu
  3. Press Gift Box
  4. Enter code
  5. Click Redeem

As all the codes are case sensitive, if any code doesn’t work, it may have expired, or you may have entered the incorrect code. To avoid any hassle, copy the code from our list, paste it directly, and ensure there are no empty spaces before the first and after the code’s last character.

How do I get more Anime Journey codes?

As you can see, we do a hasty job for you and update the codes regularly; whenever the developers release new codes, we add them here. So you can get all Anime Journey codes here on this page. However, you can also follow the game developer on Twitter or discord for new codes.

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