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Purecrystal in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Location Guide

Another task is back in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, and you’ll need to keep track of all the materials you’ll require for upgrades to keep the character’s advancement cruising. One important material you’ll require a lot of in the beginning is purecrystal.

Purecrystal is among the latest crafting materials in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Purecrystal is an extremely useful item to acquire, which is particularly helpful to aid in the early synthesizing of weapons in the game. It’s also a rare item; you’ll need to reach a specific stage in the game’s progression to find it.

Finding Purecrystal will not take too long within Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. These can be obtained through mining outcrop nodes which will provide you with resources to return to the Elgado Outpost. This article will explain how to acquire Purecrystals in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Where can you locate Purecrystal?

It is only possible to obtain Purecrystal by mining nodes within the Flooded Forest (Master Rank) and won’t show in any other place. The information on this item is incorrect, as it states that you will only be able to obtain Purecrystal through the Jungle. Don’t be fooled by this since you cannot locate Purecrystal in Jungle mining sites because these are only available in Flooded Forest.

Information box about purecrystal location
Incorrect Information box about Purecrystal location | Image credit: Capcom

In the Flooded Forest area, you’ll need to search for Mining Outcrops – this is the location you’ll need to hunt to stand an opportunity to get the must-have Purecrystal drop.

The Purecrystal nodes are believed to be fairly evident due to the dark blue close to black color. Purecrystal can be found in The Flooded Forest, so it’s worth the time to explore the area in the path of a Master Rank journey.

Each Purecrystal area can be located by looking at the map below. We recommend relocating the Base Camp in area 11 and starting your way through the map, mining each node you see.

Purecrystal location in monster hunter rise: sunbreak
All Locations to find Purecrystal in Monster Hunter Rise with grey color question mark: Sunbreak | Image credit: RPG

It is also recommended to equip with the Leather X armor set that lets you freely walk around the map, collecting every Purecrystals you require without needing to fight all beasts.

Repeat the process to get all the Purecrystal required to make your ideal arms and weapons. Alongside mining these Purecrystals, it’s important to remember that sending an army of Meowcenaries into the Master Rank Flooded Forest will grant you Purecrystals, considering you’re sending them out to mining operations.

You should remember that Purecrystals don’t have a 100% drop rate. You can’t know in advance what drops and when as it’s a random element like most other game resources. There’s a chance you’ll get many other Ores in this game too.

Purecrystal Uses

You can use Purecrystal to make powerful armor and weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Here are some of the weapons you can make with them.

Purecrystal RequiredWeapon or Armor
2Vaik Helm
2Ceanataur Coil
1Ingot Mail
1Ingot Coil
1Ingot Helm
1Ingot Greaves
1Ingot Vambraces
Purecrystal need to create weapon and armor.

Thats all about Purcrystal, their locations, and their uses. Make sure to check all guides about Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and other games.

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