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Overwatch 2 Beta Access Now Rolling Out Across All Platforms

Although the road to Overwatch2 has been long, it is now nearing its launch date. The game was first revealed at BlizzCon 2019. It has had many delays and seen high-profile development team members leave, like Jeff Kaplan. There have also been significant gameplay style changes. Many of the returning heroes are seeing their gameplay and visuals improved. The game has now moved to a 5v5 format, which requires a few map revisions.

Overwatch launched in early access on October 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

After a long silence, Blizzard is now open about Overwatch 2. They show off new heroes such as Sojourn and some of the returning hero designs. Overwatch2 unveiled Junker Queen, the new character, at the Microsoft and Bethesda showcases. It also revealed that the game would be free to play with seasonal battle passes instead of microtransactions.

Blizzard has announced a long beta period for those looking to jumpstart their Overwatch 2 experience. It will be available on all supported platforms. The official Overwatch2 account tweeted that beta access has begun to roll out to those selected during the day. The selection process for players who sign up is random. However, those who bought the Watchpoint Pack receive automatic access to the beta. They also get the first game, multiple skins, season 1 battle passes, and 2,000 virtual currency to utilize in Overwatch 2.

This tweet revealed some content players would see inside the Overwatch 2 beta. It included the chance to try the Junker Queen. Along with Push, the beta also features a new hybrid map called Paraiso set in Brazil. Players will have the opportunity to see some of the character reworks, such as Bastion’s Artillery Strike Ultimate.

The beta will allow Blizzard to continue tweaking the title before its launch in October. Overwatch2 will still be evolving after launch. Blizzard recently revealed a roadmap to the live service game and the release date for the PvE mode. Season 2 will be released in December and include a new hero, a map, more skins, and a Battle Pass. The 2023 season will bring even more content, with the possibility of additional support heroes.

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