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What’s New in Lost Ark Wrath of the Covetous Legion Update

Lost Ark's major June update brings two new raids, a solo dungeon, a new Event Island, and an in-game CAPTCHA system.

Lost Ark received a major monthly update at the end of June. This update brings new content to solo and raiders alike. The latest Lost Ark update includes several new raids and a solo dungeon. There are also all the usual bug fixes and gameplay tweaks that you would expect from an MMO update.

Weekly Updates and Reset Timings

Weekly updates and resets for next week will now be scheduled one day earlier. The next week’s update will be on Wednesday, July 6, instead of Thursday, July 7. Please remember as you challenge Vykas or complete any other content that resets weekly, you’ll have only 6 days instead of 7. This change is being made to ensure that the Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games teams have enough time to address any issues that might arise in an update.

Wrath of the Covetous Legion

Lost Ark’s June Update is called Wrath of the Covetous Legion. It has lots of new content that fleshes out the endgame and an interesting Event Island. The June update has two new Raids: a Legion Raid and a Guardian Raid. The Vykas Legion Raid, the second Legion Raid in Lost Ark’s Western version, is where eight players can compete against the Covetous Legion to win powerful rewards. The Guardian Raid’s latest version features the frost predator Kungelanium that can be fought solo or in a group with up to three heroes.

Thronespire is the latest solo dungeon in Lost Ark. It takes place in a demon-infested dimension. Thronespire is a time-based instance where players who have at least 1325 item levels can advance through 50 levels by beating each level’s timer. Every level is worth a first-time-clear reward up to level 25, while the last 25 levels are about prestige, completion times, and bragging rights.

Lost ark heartbeatisland
Event Island: Heartbeat Island

Heartbeat Island and How to Find it?

Heartbeat Island is the new Event Island. This island allows players to relax on the beach and earn Festival Coins through various activities.

To find Heartbeat Island, You need to speak to Jollous, the festival expert in major cities. You can also sail directly to Heartbeat Island (located near Anikka). To enter the City, you don’t need to complete any quests. Once you have visited the Island, you can return by using the Ocean Liner.

You can earn Festival Coins by participating in various activities on Heartbeat Island. These can then be used to exchange for a variety of rewards. You can earn Festival Coins by simply relaxing in designated areas or hourly quests to defeat Rekiel, The Dancing Queen.

A new CAPTCHA system has been implemented to combat Lost Ark’s growing bot problem. Players will be challenged with a CAPTCHA when they enter a new area. This may be an effective way to combat bots, but it may also be a nuisance for some players. These monthly content drops and the ongoing efforts to combat bots are positive signs for Lost Ark’s long-term success.

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