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Lost Ark White Wind vs Estoque: Which Ship to Upgrade

Sailing is an essential aspect of Lost Ark, but you’ll never be able to sail until you’ve finished the majority of the main campaign. After you’ve unlocked the sailing ships, you’ll be overwhelmed by all the new content being thrown at you.

There are a variety of ships available, and players can upgrade all of them to enhance their performance. Estoque and White Wind are among the most sought-after ships in Lost Ark, and many players are uncertain about which one to upgrade. Upgrades to ships in Lost Ark are an investment as the ship can involve several moving parts and it’s also costly. So, it’s best to upgrade just one ship at one time. That’s why you could be wondering whether to modify the Estoque or the White Wind. Let’s dig into both ships in detail and find out which one to pick.

Lost ark white wind vs estoque
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Estoque is An exploratory ship belonging to the legendary pirate Blackfang. It’s a great ship to help you gain the sea legs; however, it’s not enough to travel in dangerous waters.

It is possible to use it to make your first trip starting from Port Luterra.

Ship StatsShip Upgrade Lv. 1 (Base)Ship Upgrade Lv. 11
Base Sailing Speed20.0 20.0|plural(Knot,Knots)23.8 20.0|plural(Knot,Knots)
Fast Sailing Speed+7.5 +7.5|plural(Knot,Knots)+11.1 +7.5|plural(Knot,Knots)
Fast Sailing Duration5 Second5 Second
Fast Sailing Recovery+72+72
Durability Consumption-25-25
Active Crew2 players5 players
Ship repair time
Ship repair cost1,2606,336
Kelp Beds+12+32
Sandstorm Seas+12+32
Siren Seas+12+32
Cold Snap Seas+12+32
Tempest Seas+12+32
Dead Waters+12+32

White Wind

An original, attractive fishing ship from Anikka that is stable against Sandstorms and is somewhat resilient to Siren Waters. To obtain this ship, you must solve the mystery of the dark energy that is threatening Anikka.

Ship StatsShip Upgrade Lv. 1 (Base)Ship Upgrade Lv. 11
Base Sailing Speed19.0 19.0|plural(Knot,Knots)23.1 19.0|plural(Knot,Knots)
Fast Sailing Speed+9.0 +9.0|plural(Knot,Knots)+14.5 +9.0|plural(Knot,Knots)
Fast Sailing Duration5 Second5 Second
Fast Sailing Recovery+84+84
Durability Consumption-25-25
Active Crew2 players5 players
Ship repair time
Ship repair cost1,6658,160
Kelp Beds+6+16
Sandstorm Seas+14+54
Siren Seas+11+26
Cold Snap Seas+3+13
Tempest Seas+3+13
Dead Waters+3+13

Which Ship should you upgrade White Wind vs Estoque in Lost Ark?

Both ships have their advantages and drawbacks. The Estoque ship has a base speed of 20.0, while the White Wind ship has a base speed of 19.0. Estique has a base ship repair cost of 1,260, while the White Wind has a base repair cost of 1,665. In addition, the Estoque offers well-balanced all-around immunity, whereas the White Wind ship has more immunity focusing on Sandstorms. Estoque is less durable having base durability of 3500. White Wind has higher durability of 3700; however, this isn’t a factor in speed or resistance over the long term.

Immunity is important on ships since numerous hazards can decrease your endurance speed within and around the Sea of Gienah. So, it is suggested to upgrade your Estoque ship due to its well-balanced all-around resistances instead of the White Wind ship.

We recommend staying to the Estoque and upgrading it, even though you’ll begin working towards getting the Astray ship to upgrade and unlock it. In the meantime, it is recommended to stick with the Estoque.

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