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Lost Ark Tier List – Best characters and classes for PvE & PvP

This guide is about the best Lost Ark tier list and Best PVE & PVP Classes. When you first create your character on Lost Ark, you’ll need to select a class from five classes. And you’ll find that these classes in the game are gender-locked. Warriors are always male, while Mages and Assassins are female. Gunners and Martial Artists offer female and male variants; however, they’re distinct in creating characters as all subclasses within the game are accessible to only one gender.

Lost Ark Tier List

The choices aren’t easy to make, particularly when considering whether you’ll play more PVE or PVP. Although none of these classes is impossible to play, newer players or those not experienced with the genre may encounter characters that are more challenging to play.

From the fierce Deathblade or the playful Bard, the character you choose is the key to how the Lost Ark experience is played out.

Certain Advanced classes are slightly better than the others. So, here’s the Lost Ark tier list to guide you in selecting the ideal player for PvP and PvE activities. Wait, also make sure to check out Genshin Impact Tier List, Adelamyth Tier List, and Shindo Life Bloodlines Tier List.

Best Lost Ark PvE classes

The majority of the Lost Ark’s activities are PvE-based. You may want to maximize your demon-slaying by using the most advanced class.
We want to emphasize that, given the entire story is PvE and that you’re stuck with the class you pick, it’s best to pick the right character to complement your play style.

These are the most effective Lost Ark classes for PvE-oriented players.

SBard, Berserker, Gunlancer, Gunslinger, Paladin
AArtillerist, Deathblade, Glaivier, Sorceress, Striker
BDestroyer, Scrapper, Shadowhunter, Soulfist, Wardancer
CDeadeye, Sharpshooter

Best Lost Ark PvP classes

In the realm of PvP, some players might be slightly confused by the presence of the Bard and Paladin as the most powerful players being at the top of the list. These two are an integral part of every 3v3 team and tend to rocket them up the ranks; however, they also do extremely well in 1v1 fights because of the balance between their offensive and healing capabilities.
The other figure is Deathblade, whose fast-paced battle and Assassin-style violence leave her opponents in ribbons while she glides off to the end of the road without scratching.
These are the most effective Lost Ark classes for PvP-oriented players.

SBard, Deathblade, Paladin
AArtillerist, Berserker, Glaivier, Gunlancer, Gunslinger, Shadowhunter, Sorceress
BScrapper, Striker, Wardancer
CDeadeye, Sharpshooter, Soulfist

Lost Ark PvE Classes Tier List

Lost ark pve classes tier list
Best Lost Ark PvE Classes Tier List | Created through Tier Maker


The S-tier is home to the 3 Warrior class: Berserker Paladin and Gunlancer. They’re joined once again by the Bard, but the Gunslinger has risen to the top of the list. Her swift movements and various weapons make her ideal for taking on the waves of enemies swiftly and hitting hard when it matters the most.

Bard (Mage)

Currently, there are only two support classes (Bard and Paladin) available in Lost Ark. They may not be the most exciting options when you first start playing the game. Still, you will quickly learn how crucial it is to have at least one on your roster as you move towards the endgame. 

A high-level Bard is a great choice if you want to form a group with other players. She has the best shields and healing in the game. The only problem is her inability to play an active role in combat, limiting her utility if she’s solo in Arkesia. However, her harp provides a host of damage buffs and debuffs that can benefit her team during a fight.

Berserker (Warrior)

Berserker is the easiest to pick up and use, and it does a lot of damage. 

The Berserker is a classic build, and it might seem safe for those players who are not confident in their survival skills. He can stand up to all the long-term challenges. You can buff yourself and your team with a 12% increase in damage, and it takes very little time to make him a near-unstoppable damage-dealing powerhouse. He is a solid choice for beginners, but he will not let you down if your goal is to keep him alive until the end. This class, because of Mayhem’s nature, is very budget-friendly. You can use cheap potions to maximize efficiency.

Gunlancer (Warrior)

A Gunlancer is a gunner who can be considered too knowledgeable for the Berserker but still want the classic fighter experience. Gunlancer can do incredible damage due to his high HP and defense stats and are the tankiest class in the game. He also can shield others and draw attention to himself. He can also use his taunts to stop the boss from using his deadly moves. The Gunlancer is the man for you if your goal is to get through Lost Ark like a hot knife in butter.

Gunslinger (Gunner – Female)

The Gunslinger is my personal favorite and one of the best PvE DPS classes. She’s fast and agile, with a 10% increase in crit buff makes her a solid option for solo play.

This class is the female counterpart to Deadeye, and it comes with three guns and offers a lot of versatility.

Peacemaker allows her to play any style with all three weapons. Her shotgun feels great as, unlike the Deadeye, she can be effective from all angles.

She can play mid-to long-range builds that disregard the shotgun and instead use the pistols or sniper rifles.

This class is great for players who want to challenge themselves and are flexible enough to attack from every angle and range.

Paladin (Warrior)

Support classes are scarce in Lost Ark and become more important as you get closer to the endgame. Paladins are a support class with many tanks that can optimize group DPS. The Paladin and the Bard both have spots on the S-tier almost automatically. It’s a toss-up as to which one is better. His healing abilities and shielding teammates’ abilities are lacking, unlike Bard, but he can take an active role in combat due to his Warrior class which gives him higher attack and defense stats. 

They can protect the party, cleanse debuffs, and provide great support. They can also damage and easily counter the boss with one of their two counters. 

Paladins can be highly effective and make little decisions, making them easy to learn. He’s the best choice for support or sub-DPS role.


Classes in A-tier are as good as classes in the S-tier. They are just harder to extract the maximum value out of or possess flaws that are exploitable and require team comps based around them in order to mitigate.

Artillerist (Gunner – Male)

The Artillerist is an expert in all things, and while he might be the master of nothing, that’s no reason to say that he’s not proficient in all areas he decides to dive into. The Gunlancer is indeed a superior tank, and the Bard offers greater shield support and other massive damage-dealers whose movement speed isn’t as restricted. However, the Artillerist can play all three roles very well, which is why if seeking a low-key multiclass one who can shift to DPS and support when needed, it’s a good idea to have an Artillerist on your roster.

Deathblade (Assassin)

The Deathblade is a cool-looking character holding three swords and staying safe from cutting her own hands-off in the dizzying whirlwind of the attacks. I’m confident it’s true that Deathblade is a fantastic start-up character, and it’s also an extremely enjoyable class to play. But, as you progress through the game, and your roster and the difficulties they confront begin to grow, It’s sad that the Deathblade cannot keep up. Her damage output overall at a higher level is lower than you’d think, and the other classes start to appear more sensible in the context of moving through the grindy sections of Lost Ark efficiently.

The Deathblade is rapidly becoming a huge hit with western players, many of whom are more than happy to overlook its shortcomings due to the sheer fun you can have with her.

Glaivier (Martial Artist – Female)

Glaivier will be the first of the subclasses added to the western version of Lost Ark post-launch. In truth, it’s surprising to see the fourth Martial Artist class joining the ranks and is distinct because of its distinctive weapon and the ability to swap stances. But, the Glaivier cannot be labeled as a rehash since she is quite different from her counterparts within the Scrapper, Striker, Soulfist, and Wardancer subclasses. With spears and a glaive, the kit of the Glaivier is designed around stance-swapping, which allows her access to two different sets of attacks based on the stance she’s wearing, whether it’s the Focus (glaive-wielding) posture as well as in the Flurry (spear-wielding) position.

Does this make the Glaivier an easier or more difficult class to play?

If you’re willing to forgive the pun, it’s a double-edged saber. Although Glaivier is more intriguing and intricate than those Martial Artist types, learning to master her two-part system can be a challenging learning curve, which isn’t suitable for every player’s style of play. For those who’ve grasped Lost Ark by now and are ready to tackle the more challenging builds, it’s an enjoyable class to learn.

Sorceress (Mage)

The Sorceress is one of the most recent updates in The South Korean version of Lost Ark prior to the EU/NA release. There’s also been a suggestion that she’s a simple character to master for players more acquainted with Western RPGs, which could be the reason for her timing introduction. But, she’s one of the most well-known soft wizards, who have low defenses and HP. She’s not the easiest character to handle in combat; therefore, it will require a more experienced player to get the most effective performance from her.

Striker (Martial Artist – Male)

The Striker has such rapid speed that he can strike opponents from virtually every angle and appear pretty cool. He’s among the more difficult classes to master due to his important role in launching a successful attack. However, he’s also got a huge damage output and a greater chance of being crit-able, which means you can forgive yourself as you learn the ropes, particularly since his ability to crit and speed increase for attacks apply to teammates.

B Tier

Destroyer (Warrior)

The Destroyer was the second class to be added to the west edition of Lost Ark post-release, and it’s becoming a controversial character. Players who like tanking enjoy this class due to the OP Hammer weapon and his ability to endure high amounts of damage. But, his limited mobility could make him an unpopular choice at different times in the PvE campaign. And although you can upgrade the Destroyer to increase the speed of his attack, the Gunlancer is still the best option to play Arkesia to advance in your game. Destroyer is a tough melee class that utilizes slow-hitting melee strikes at the right distance to destroy their opponents. Destroyers can be challenging to take on bosses due to how difficult it is to align your attacks at the correct distance, but it’s incredibly satisfying once you have it.

This class is ideal for players who wish to feel like strong warriors. If this class interests you and you love the game, go for it. The classes offered within Lost Ark are viable regardless of their place on the list.

Scrapper (Martial Artist – Female)

Scrapper is an extremely easy subclass for those looking to try fighting with melee during Lost Ark. A very well-rounded class with lots of diversity in her two play styles; she has simple equipment that is comfortable to play.

She has a formidable defense and decent damage (including the 6% damage boost), which means that even if you have to slog through combat for a time, you’re likely to meet with a sudden end in the process. But, the Scrapper is usually viewed as a training session, with players who find her combat style pleasing choosing to change to a Striker-type character when they decide that they would like to be in the role of a Martial Artist for the long haul.

If you’re planning to take on Lost Ark as a classic brawler, the Scrapper could be the right class.

Shadowhunter (Assassin)

It’s possible that it’s my undisputed predisposition to the Deathblade speaking and teleporting character. Still, I find the Shadowhunter only a bit more boring than a demonically-possessed assassin is a right to be. The most appealing aspect of her is the 12% extra damage boost, which is an equal match to the Berserker’s, and in many ways, she could be considered the female version of him, as she’s very easy to play as a starting character. I’m not trying to suggest anything negative about the Shadowhunter; however, even though her equipment is very well-designed, it does not do much for me. Her most fascinating feature is the ability to change to demon form to get an instant boost in her speed and HP; however, it could make you wish you’d chosen a class with more base stats in these areas.

Soulfist (Martial Artist – Female)

The entire Soulfist’s kit is centered around her unquestionably superior, most powerful weapon burst attack that has huge potential to do the damage. However, it’s tough to rank her higher than the B tier when all of her other abilities could compete with her. Additionally, there’s a bit of randomness in her final ability, as it takes a few minutes to charge before it can deploy its full force, and its potential is contingent on securing critical hits while it’s inactively. Soulfist is extremely enjoyable to play regardless, and if you’re looking to play the role of a quick Martial Artist unencumbered by heavy armor the way it was meant to be, then she’s a great option.

Wardancer (Martial Artist – Female)

In the case of PvE with the Wardancer, it’s all about maximizing damage and giving important boosts to your team members in battle.

The Wardancer has its merits; however, she finds herself in the peculiar circumstance of not being suitable to fill support roles or DPS roles on teams. The buffs she has are great in boosting her teammates’ attack speed and crit probability. However, there’s little she can perform in combat that’s more easily handled by a different class. She can deal very little damage, which means she’s not able to sub-DPS with much success; however, her absence of shield or healing abilities means that she cannot be used in a role of support. In addition to that, the buffs she gets have lengthy cooldown times, and she could frequently be frustrated hanging in the background while the rest of the team is having all the fun in a high-speed fight.

C Tier

Deadeye (Gunner — Male)

When it is PvE in the Deadeye, It’s all about getting the most damage possible while being able to control the crowd and mobility to stand up to massive assaults from bosses. The following build is the best way to take down all enemies in your path with three weapons to choose from.

Lost Ark usually manages to blend its high-fantasy setting with elements of science fiction pretty well; however, when it is the Deadeye, it’s hard to be sure if it’s a mistake to bring his hand cannon into the great sword fight. The Deadeye performs everything the Gunslinger is capable of — using three guns for various situations and all sporting a 1% crit boost; however, he’s slightly better. It’s a difficult class to become familiar with mechanically. Even after you’ve become a master assessor of his distance and position and defense, HP and damage aren’t as good as the standards of his female counterparts.

Despite his C-tier ranking for PvE, the Deadeye truly comes into his own in PvP.

Sharpshooter (Gunner – Male)

If there’s one class traditionally determined to be a damage dealer with a range, then this is Sharpshooter. The only long-ranged character category found in Lost Ark, the Sharpshooter, has a high damage output, a powerful stagger capability, and a 6% damage boost buff to the entire team. Based on his stats alone, he’d likely be a worthy candidate for our A-tier because the entire system is based on keeping yourself away from the fight. That means that you don’t be able to experience the full range of the game’s combat-related mechanics because it’s not much you can do with him in close combat. So unless this is something you’re interested in, you may want to pick a Gunner with more versatility, such as those of the Gunslinger and the Artillerist.

Lost Ark PvP Classes Tier List

Lost ark pvp classes tier list
Best Lost Ark PvP Classes Tier List | Created through Tier Maker

Once you’ve reached the climax of the Lost Ark story and you reach Level 50, you’ll be eligible to play in PvP’s final game activities. You may notice that the PvP and PvE levels look very different. This is due to the traits that hindered you during PvE can be an active advantage in PvP. However, those who shine are less noticeable when playing against other human players.

S Tier


If you’re planning to channel all your efforts into PvP, we’d recommend against using the Bard. If you’re into spell-slinging, then the Sorceress is the better choice in this case, or maybe the Melee Soulfist for those who want to take the most damage both from afar and close up.

Bard is an excellent choice for those looking for a highly efficient all-rounder who can take care of their team with its healing abilities while having offensively-focused skills of a high standard. You’ll find him an essential player for 3v3 battles since the guy can do some amazing damage and works well with his allies.


This top ARK PvP character is just as fast as Gunslinger but with a distinct advantage of a few weapons. Deathblade’s speedy movements can keep your opponent’s squad cool and off-balance.

One disadvantage of Deathblade is that he has a weak base attack damage on its PvP arena. In any case, Deathblade can make its way up with its ability to attack repeatedly and quickly to ensure that no enemy is unbeatable.


A Paladin can be described as the well-balanced subclass in the PvP system from Lost Ark who can easily cause massive damage while doing exceptionally well in the support role.

Also, Paladin is a powerful choice for those who play in PvP in Lost Ark. If you’re looking to deal with damage while also offering incredible healing capabilities and the ability to assist allies with more buffs.

Creatures and monsters are well and great, but what do you do if you want to destroy others with your Paladin during PvP? This requires a slightly modified build that is slightly more offensive yet still allows you to play teammates easily.

A Tier


Slaying AI foes isn’t as satisfying as destroying real-life enemies’ KD at the Colosseum. The Artillerist is a master at PvP, effortlessly toppling titans to take the throne.

They are the tankiest ranged class, and they can be difficult to engage with due to their defensive nature. They can take advantage of newbies who tend to overcommit and get pushed out of their position by having the most powerful damage combos.

They are more likely to be out of position due to their immobility.

Many players will be thrilled to see Artillerists with their massive machine guns and likely expect huge damage. But the reality is very different. Wardancer’s agility is not as good as Wardiller’s, so Artillerist can only perform attacks that do too little damage or are too slow.

You can still use the subclass in close combat, but you should also synergize with other powerful supports.


Do you plan to unleash a melee-focused brute army on the opposition? Berserker, a Lost Ark Character made for you, is your best choice. You can face your enemies in PvP with him. It takes very little effort.

The Berserker class is very satisfying if you can reach someone’s face and cause great damage. You need to make use of their immunity skills to accomplish the task. They are masters at maximizing opportunities.

Their quick shoulder charge sets them up well and is a bane for newer players because it’s difficult to react to.

All of this makes them predictable and easily kiteable. Berserkers have high mana costs and long cooldowns, making them less likely to complete their jobs.


If Glaivier catches you, she can damage you as a melee class, but she may have trouble starting combos if her main engage does not have super armor.

She is agile and has a parry, giving her good defensive options for baiting opponents. This class allows you to express your style and skill.


It’s not surprising that Gunlancer is good at PvP. She excels at protecting their team and is very tough. She has infinite super armor that allows her to do anything they want.

Her surge cannon does a lot of damage.

It is slow and mobile, but it can be not easy to get around. This class is skilled at counter-engaging but almost useless at engaging.

Although she is not as powerful as the Gunlancer in PvE, her attack and defense stats are sufficient to earn her a spot on the A-tier for PvP. Gunlancer is decent in DPS but a bit slow when summoning or executing shields.

If you want to create a more tanky team than a flashy one, replace Bard and Gunslinger.


While it’s one thing to wreak havoc on the hoards, there is nothing like the taste of victory at the PvP Colosseum. Gunslingers thrive in PvP combat making them one of the most popular classes to attempt to snag the throne.

Gunslinger’s most famous feature is well-known – she can move weapons and make long-range attacks, no matter where her foe is. She is also extremely quick, which allows your team to eliminate difficult-to-catch opponents in seconds.

Although she can do some damage close up or far away, her range is superior. She is a safe and reliable class that can get results. These classes can feel like Dante from Devil May Cry when you first enter the arena. You can easily catch 100-0 players out by their combos.

They are fragile, and teams that care can protect their members and interrupt the overcommitted. They don’t do enough to support their team. But, we all know that less damage is better support.


The Shadow Hunters feel like a mix of ranged damage and peel, a different subclass from the assassins. This allows her to be both safe and effective.

She isn’t slow to move and has a great melee burst. She can be unstoppable as a demon and is more suited for harassment playstyles than her counterpart.

Except for Demon Form, her super armors are fewer, which makes her more susceptible to being interrupted and punished.

Shadowhunter transforms into powerful demonic forms to unleash all its powers and retaliate against the PvP monster attacks. The subclass fires a ray to death, inflicting damage on anyone that comes in its path.


Sorceress is a solid DPS character but a flexible option due to having an extensive list of spells. Although it may take some time to master Sorceress, everything will be easy and manageable once you do it.

Once you have mastered Sorcerous, all that is left to do is enchant spells against your foes, and voila!

She is a great ranged enabler and has tons of CC to help her team manage the battlefield. She is extremely safe and can do great damage, even if she doesn’t have burst.

This class is for master sorceresses who can cause maximum damage, peel, and take very little damage.

Novice sorcerers can easily get caught by the authorities. This class is also very mobile and can prove quite punishing for such a vulnerable class.

B Tier


The Scrapper is among the slowest in the Lost Ark sub-classes as virtually all Martial artist is afflicted by the slow and dead cooldown and charging. But Scrapper comes with a great dual glove capable of causing huge disruption to the opponent’s side, but that doesn’t work as well in the PvP set-up as it does in PvE.

Scrapper is the most powerful rush-down character, possesses a lot of mobility, and can come close to knocking you down and then do massive damage in a flash.

Like the other Martial Artists, she has to put in the effort, leading her to be overwhelmed easily.

Striker / Wardancer

The Striker is like the Wardancer and shares the same pattern of inactivity and dependence on support to be more efficient than it can be by itself.

However, he does have some interesting aerial attacks worth watching that could be a problem for his adversaries. This is pretty much all the Striker needs to do once an opponent is within range.

Both classes are alike in that they share very low cooldowns and lots of chances to perform things, but they are restricted by mana more than cooldowns.

They must commit, but they don’t have any resistance, which means they are prone to be too stretched, which can be very risky.

C Tier


The Deadeye in PvP is always destruction, but it’s crucial to have an additional level of mobility to stay clear of dangerous skills and remain in the fight the longest time you can.

It is common to observe Deadeye struggling in PvE However, in the PvP, his outstanding performance as a support player has changed the game.

He is a mighty character with better control over crowds than any other.

It is a less specialized variation of Gunslinger that is only effective in melee, not ranged. If they are in the appropriate circumstances, in the right situation, they can cause havoc, just as the Gunslinger counterpart.

They share the same weaknesses as Gunslinger. If you’re looking to have a good mid-to-long-ranged player in the PvP group, Deadeye is for you.


Sharpshooter feels more like an enabler with a range that could help them and their team to be successful. They excel in peeling, but they can be extremely slippery.

Sharpshooter comes with a unique bow and arrow weapon that can make long-range attacks and capture a few players of the opposition team down but utilizing this amazing power isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

Sharpshooters may be inconsistent in their approach to playing because of the amount of preparation required to master their most effective moves. They can perform a variety of key movements that can make them unproductive over a long time if not performed.

Sharpshooter requires too much time and effort to master, so it’s far better to choose another hero with a short-range instead.


Despite its strong burst attack, Soulfist remains on the C Tier of Lost Ark’s PvP due to its slow cooldown and lengthy charge. The reason for its lengthy charge time is the two-in-one nature of melee and ranged board attacks.

This makes it more of something to be avoided than it could be a blessing since players can only avail each option until the subclass is filled.

Soulfist is one of the most difficult classes to master and yet unstoppable in the hands of an experienced.

A poor choice for a duelist because she lacks super armor, making her easy to break. There are clear moments when she’s vulnerable and strong due to how her identity skills work. She’s a wet noodle when she’s in stage 1 and a maniacal Super Saiyan when it’s max.

Lost ark tier list
PvE and PvP classes | Provided by Smilegate


Let’s discuss how this tier list is constructed with four tiers comprising S, A, B, and S. Classes are placed into each tier based on various factors.

Class Difficulty

  • Consider the floor of your skill and the ceiling. What is the difficulty of the class to succeed with? And how difficult can it be to master?

Class Versatility

  • What is the maximum amount that the class can accomplish? Are they able to replace it? Does it work every time or just occasionally? Do other classes play similar things and offer more?

Overall Power Level

  • Note if it’s the scenario that the class is more powerful than the rest.

We were impartial when evaluating classes that can do effectively in causing massive damage and those that aren’t. This is because we understand that the Lost Ark is divided into two massive meta-sections where the classes that excel in one will not necessarily improve the same abilities in the opposite.

Final Thoughts

We know that our PvP and PvE classes hierarchy could or might not be in line with your personal preferences. We’ll be delighted to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

It’s up to you, who you want to add to your team within the PvP field, or whom you’d like to test in PvE; however, we recommend using each of the classes in both the S and A levels as they’ll do better for you. Make sure to check our guides about How to get Field Boss Cards in Lost Ark and Roster Friend in Lost Ark.

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