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How to Play With Survivor Bots in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a game that takes significant practice and work to become proficient at. It can be frustrating to attempt to play new builds or characters with real-life players; chances are you’ll be getting the worst of it. To avoid that, you should get some practice bots! Here’s how you can play Survivor Bots from dead by Daylight.

How to Play with the Survivor Bots Dead by Daylight

In Dead by Daylight’s Fortified in Fog section, users can add bot-controlled Survivors in the Custom Game. This is a great feature to practice new strategies and builds or when you’re bored and want to hunt the game for a bit.

This feature is extremely simple; you don’t require any DLC to be installed, but you cannot play offline because you must connect to the game’s servers to play. This is how to play using Survivor bots:

  • From the main Dead by Daylight menu, select “Custom Game.”
  • If you’re playing Killer or Survivor, You’ll see several floating as well as signs. Click on any of them to access two options “Invite a Friend” and “Add Bot.”
  • Click “Add Bot,” and the game will choose a random Survivor person to fill the vacant slot. If you don’t love the Survivor, who is selected, click on their name and eliminate them and then choose another.
  • When all slots for players are full, press Ready so the game can start loading up just like usual.

Rules and Restrictions

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Because this feature is intended for training purposes, it comes with some limitations, and you must take note of them. First, you can only play with Survivor bots and not Killer bots. You can play as a Survivor or with a group of bots; however, you’ll need a companion to become a Killer. This mode is more suitable for Killer players who would like to have a whole group of Survivors to select from.

In addition, as this is the case with a Custom Game, you can choose your character’s perks, add-ons, and other offerings from all the options within the game. For a similar reason, players can’t gain or earn Bloodpoints or XP by playing using bots, nor will you get rid of Tome and daily challenge.

In the end, the Survivor bots aren’t the most skilled survivalists. They aren’t equipped with extras or gear, and even though they can get the basics of survival down, they are prone to make a few mistakes, such as stepping into walls. It is intended to help you practice fundamental techniques or work on new designs; don’t anticipate the bots to be particularly difficult on you.

When you’re preparing the next excellent Killer strategy or looking for a fun, visceral, and entertaining method to pass the time, Survivor bots are there to help you! Do not fret about losing them, as they probably don’t have any sentiments.

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