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Card Catalog is Full in Lost Ark: How to increase Card Catalog

While exploring Lost Ark, you will collect many cards during the game. It’s all part of the system for building decks in Los Ark. These cards will be available via activities such as pack draws and quests.

Lost Ark has quite a complicated card system. One of the challenges with this system that players are confronting is that the catalog of cards is full. The issue is that if you open a set of cards and find seven cards. You could be able to add 3-4 cards to the catalog. However, you won’t be able to add the other cards. In this guide, let’s see what options you have with the ‘card catalog is full’ problem within Lost Ark and how to solve it.

How to Fix the Card Catalog is Full Error in Lost Ark

As a default, the Card Catalog can only store 120 cards. Once the limit is reached at 120 cards, users can’t import new cards into their catalog.

Although the total collection of cards that includes every card from every book may be very large, the card player can only add the deck with six cards at a time. Those who appreciate the statistical benefits of the card system over the collection elements must consider the cards they require over the cards they desire. The solution to this issue is by using three methods.

  1.  Expand your Card Storage
  2. Expand your Card Catalog
  3. Destroy the cards

However, you don’t need to delete or destroy the cards; you can save them in your bank’s storage. Creating additional space for your library of cards with blue crystals ( or gold > blue crystals) is recommended if you’re not planning to currently, save the cards in your bank’s storage.

How to increase card catalog in lost ark
Blue Crystals to increase Card Catalog

You can check the players’ discussion in the Lost Ark forum and Reddit thread about Card Catalog is full issue.

How to expand Card Catalog in Lost Ark

If players wish to store additional cards, they’d require unlocking additional card storage. The only option currently available to users is to buy more catalog slots.

To expand the size of your Card Catalog to the maximum in Lost Ark, you will have to pay for it. Press ALT +C to open your Cards tab. After that, you can go to the Enhance tab, then scroll down until you see an Expand Slots option. Once you click it, you’ll be presented with the option to buy extra Card Catalog spaces. With 30 crystals, you’ll receive 10 additional slots. At present, this is the only method to increase the size of your Card Catalog space in Lost Ark.

How to expand card catalog in lost ark using gold
Purchasing currency using gold to expand card deck slot

It might seem odd to use Crystals; however, if you have an excess of gold or an option to make an instant supply, it is possible to purchase currency using gold. It’s not difficult to transform the gold you have into crystal form and extend the amount of storage on your card when required.

Which Cards to Destroy? Pro Tip

Some cards can be equipped, and some can never be.

You can browse every set of cards in the “Books” section of the card user interface. When you have collected all the cards from a set, you’ll receive a permanent bonus (crit, energy, etc. )

However, These collections just track the time you’ve had the card, not if you have it now.

If you’ve completed a set of cards and then decided to delete a few, you’ll still have the bonus. It doesn’t apply to the Equip list; however, If you delete any equippable card, you will not be able to equip it.

If you are deciding which cards you want to delete, it is safe to select ones that don’t have any “Equipped card set bonus” text. You can also keep the crystals.

Additional: Perhaps you think what’s the purpose of the inequipable cards. Since acquiring a complete set provides small benefits, If you can awaken (upgrade) the number of cards from the set, you’ll receive an additional bonus. It’s something like +0.1 percent dmg in comparison to robots.

Therefore, there’s no benefit to keeping these cards because even if you want to start awakening, using equipable cards is still more beneficial.

Every player will eventually have to increase their catalog of cards as the default limit doesn’t permit even one slot for each card. However, you don’t have to buy Crystals with real money to purchase more slot cards. Instead, you should focus on ways to earn game gold to use it to expand the number of cards you have!

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