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How to get the Feather Cape in Valheim

A variety of new features are added in Valheim as part of Valheim’s Mistlands update. This update has an entirely new Biome and new mechanics, materials, enemies, and other objects. The feathered cape is one of the intriguing new wearables included in this update. The cloak’s magic is an essential element of functionality to the arsenal of your Viking. It lets you glide while falling, stopping the horrific fall injury. This is especially helpful in the slopes of the mountain biome, but it can also help in Mistlands, where blurred vision may cause you to make a wrong step. Players can get it with a new crafting recipe. In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to make your unique Feathered Cape in Valheim.

How to get Feathered Cape in Valheim

The Feathered Cape is a new craftable item requiring you to construct an entirely new craft station and collect a few uncommon materials. To create the Feathered cape, you’ll need a Galdr Table, the latest and most modern crafting station. The table allows you to craft several new items related to magic and will become a beneficial component of your work. After that, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials to make the recipe. To create a Feathered Cape, you’ll need the following:

  • 10-Feathers – The least common items you need can be gathered through shooting or (rarely) inducing birds to drop them or locating them in random chests.
  • 5 Scale Hide – It is dropped from an unlikely source. New Hare mobs found in Mistlands are fast, and if you manage to kill them, they’ll give you Scale Hide and Hare Meat.
  • 20 refined Eitr – This fantastic substance is created in the Eitr Refinery from the new production line that includes sap and Yggdrasil wood. It takes some time to refine 20, but it’s well worth the effort since you’ll require more to make other recipes.

Once you’ve gathered all the required materials and tools, utilize the Galdr Table to craft the Feathered Cape. You won’t need to be concerned about fall-related injuries for a long time, and you can now explore some of the most spectacular locations in peace. Furthermore, this cloak can also provide a slight increase in Frost Resistance as an extra benefit.

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