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How to get Pale Steak in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Pale Steak is a material found in Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak expansion (MHR or MHRS). Materials like Pale Steak are unique items obtained by completing the quests and engraving specific Monsters.

Players will require this monster material to enhance their weapons, armor, and consumables. You can get it only by defeating a particular monster on a High-Rank expedition. This guide will discuss how to get Pale Steak in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Khezu is the monster that drops Pale Steak in Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak expansion (MHR or MHRS). Khezu drops this material on high rank, but farming Pale Steak on Master Rank expedition is recommended.

Compared to these two rankings, Master Rank gives you a higher chance of harvesting the item from a Khezu after smashing its head. Because in Master Rank, you’ll have a chance of 16% to get it in the fight. When you fight Khezu in High Rank, you will have an 8% chance to get Pale Steak as a target reward, and 10% after taking down the Khezu or having the opportunity of 12% after crushing Khezu’s head in the fight.

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Master Rank Khezu hunt could be more suitable for you even though the high Rank offers more chances to locate Pale Steak. Furthermore, it is also possible that Master Rank Khezu will drop other items, including a Lightning Sac, Pearl Glosshide, Mystic Hardfang, and Monster Toughbone.

The things you can get from the Master Rank Khezu are better than those from the High Rank one, especially when you are working towards your way through the Sunbreak expansion.

Whatever Khezu you are hunting, There’s a slight likelihood of dropping Pale Steak. You may have to finish the hunt with your buddies multiple times. It would be best to cut off the head of the Khezu during the fight to have more chances of obtaining Pale Steak.

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