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How to get Field Boss Cards in Lost Ark

In the following guide, we’ll look at all you need to know about how to get Field Boss Cards in Lost Ark.

There are numerous advancement systems available within Lost Ark, and players have a myriad of ways to customize and upgrade their characters during the end game. Although Lost Ark does a good job of not allowing feature creep and keeps the game’s systems simple and easy to master, optimizing the end game performance of a character could be overwhelming for novice players.

Cards are an essential element within Lost Ark, and one of the most effective ways to increase your character’s skills in the game is by using a set of cards. There are 27 sets of cards, and all have pertinent bonuses that will help you in various scenarios. One of the sought-after cards you can use for Lost Ark is Field Boss Cards.

In the following section, we’ll look at all you need to know about Field Boss Cards and how to get them. Make sure to check our guides about Lost Ark Tier List and Roster Friend in Lost Ark.

How to get Field Boss Cards in Lost Ark?

How to get field boss cards in lost ark
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Within Lost Ark, obtaining cards is easy because cards are available as collectibles in almost every game activity.

This can include raids, missions, dungeons, and even vendors. When you’re playing this game, you’ll acquire a lot of cards without even trying to.

If you’re looking to collect as many cards as possible, ensure that you complete the weekly and daily missions. Then, you can conquer all dungeons and raids to accumulate many cards.

Raids are a great option to visit when trying to collect cards. The reason is that Guardian bosses who participate in raids are likely to drop a self-titled Legendary Card.

Legendary Cards are some of the rarest cards available and offer the most lucrative rewards. Make sure to take on the most raids you possibly can.

When it comes to Field Boss cards, two sets can be obtained. Field Boss I and Field Boss II.

Field Boss I

The Field Boss I set features 10 field bosses who must defeat before getting their cards. This includes Rudric, Salt Giant, Chuo, Rovlen, Wili-Wili, Caspiel, Chaotic Chuo, Velkan, Signatus, and Proxima. Each one of these will be visible across different areas on the maps.

When you have collected all 10 cards, you’ll get an increase of two in Swiftness and an 0.06 percent bonus over the Undead at awakening Level 20. Additionally, there is an 0.07 percent bonus over the Undead at awakening levels 40 and 50.

Field Boss I Lost Ark Locations

1. Rudric

Go towards the west from Regria Monastery Triport; and then head towards the southwest after finding the Graveyard area. Just before a mausoleum on the southernmost part within the Graveyard, You will see Rudric wandering.

2. Salt Giant

You may likely have encountered The Salt Giant while questing in Yudia. If you go to the east from the Nomad Camp, towards the landbridge that leads to Thorngrip Den, you shall discover the plains on which there is a Salt Giant prowls.

3. Rovlen

Rovlen has a small forest area all for himself, just in the eastern part of Grayhammer Mine triport. After being defeated, the World Boss also drops a Hidden Story to add to The West Luterra Adventurer’s Tome.

4. Wili-Wili

Wili-Wili is located at the top of Sunbright Hill, just after the dead-end, in the northernmost region.

5. Caspiel

Caspiel is accessible and is found in the region to the east of Triport, just above Rocky Forest Hill.

6. Chuo

World Boss Chuo can be located within Anikka inside Twilight Mists. Starting from Cloud Valley, there is a spot to jump, which leads directly to the place where Chuo is found in.

7. Chaotic Chuo

Chaotic Chuo is located in the northwestern portion of Echoes Spring in Melody Forest.

8. Velkan

You’ll have to travel quite a distance to Clockwork Square in Totrich to locate Velkan, but Velkan should be easily found within the Crowbelly Gulch area, to the south, to the Temple of Sceptrum.

9. Signatus

Make sure you check your Procyon’s Compass for the Boss’s spawning time before you head into the Scraplands. You will locate Signatus in the large rectangular area towards the southwest of Solider Ant Nest dungeon entrance when he shows up.

10. Proxima

You will always locate Proxima in a remote area east of Reed Leaf Forest and west of Vernese Road.

Field Boss II

Field boss ii
Field Boss II
  • Deck Size: Seven
  • Cards: Maneth (Rare), Tarsila (Rare), Sol Grande (Rare), Brealeos (Rare), Aporas (Rare), Kagros (Rare), Adrinne (Rare)

The cards in this set are akin to a world boss, and you can complete the entire set by beating each of these bosses or completing the zone achievements. Certain cards are guaranteed to drop, and others require some effort; however, in the end, you’ll find that the Field Boss II card set is well worth the effort and time to acquire.

Each card in this set gives your character a maximum of four percent hit points. This will rise to 12 percent when you add the bonus of six sets. It is unnecessary to awaken these cards to get the primary bonus, which means you’ll start reaping the benefits soon and easily mix and match certain cards in this deck with different sets.

Field Boss II Lost Ark Locations

1. Tarsila

Tarsila lies on the eastern side of Lake Eternity, near the Spider Queen’s Lair.

2. Maneth

Maneth is located just South of the Maze of Mirrors Triport.

3. Brealeos

A little to the West of Shushire, a small island known as Frostfire is found hosting a massive giant Brealeos.

4. Sol Grande 

Sol Grande is the world boss of T2 that appears on the Island located in Alteisen. It’s a tiny, isolated island located at the bottom right of the Arthertine sea.

5. Aporas

Aporas can be found on Oblivion Island, located in the north of the Artheline region.

6. Kagros

You can locate Kagros on Spinda Island, where you can see a large egg lying in the middle of the Island.

7. Adrinne

It is possible to locate the Ring of Adrinne as you enter your destination on the Rohendel Continent.

The individual cards in these Field Boss card sets are essential to your character’s development throughout Lost Ark. They can help you last longer in battle and also get rid of large groups within a matter of minutes. While they may require some effort, they’re all worth the effort and time to acquire.

If you’ve found this article useful, don’t forget to visit the guide section to find more information on other popular games.

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