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How to Get Drain Punch TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can get the Technical Machines (TM), a kind of data discs that aid Pokemon in learning and mastering new moves. TM’s are a fast and simple method of learning an advanced move without long waiting or grinding. Drain Punch is one of these valuable technical Machines.

The Drain Punch Technology Machine (TM) is easier to obtain than you think. There is more than one method to get the Drain Punch TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It’s one of the most effective TM’s available in the game and is an essential item to have in your arsenal of techniques. Here’s how to get the Drain Punch TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

What is Drain Punch TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Drain Punch is among the many special moves you can teach your Pokemon and is best utilized on physical, combat-oriented Pokemon that could be disastrous when performed. Of the new generation of Pokemon, Koraidon learns a unique ability while advancing. At present, he’s just one Pokemon species to learn it upon a level-up.

Drain Punch stats:

Here’s the table that shows Drain Punch stats:

  • Category – Fighting + Physical
  • Accuracy – 100
  • Power- 75
  • Power Points (PP)- 16

Where to Find Drain Punch TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

You can find Drain Punch TM at two locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The first place you’ll discover it is in the Watchtower located to the south of Artazon and looking out over areas three and five of the Paldea region and South Province. Once you have found it, climb on the staircase until you get to the first platform on the Watchtower and look for Drain Punch in the middle of the platform.

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Below is a screenshot of where you can locate the Watchtower in the South Province.

Pokemon scarlet and violet watchtower | location for drain punch (tm073)
Screenshot by Pc Gamexp

The following location lies between areas two and three of The East Province region. To locate it, find the tiniest island between Zapapico and Levincia, in which you will also spot the Great Crater of Paldea on the map.

The image below is the other Drain Punch location:

Pokemon scarlet and violet | drain punch location
Screenshot by Pc Gamexp

Can You Craft Drain Punch TM?

Drain Punch can be crafted, but only when you’ve defeated the team Star Fairy Crew leader to get the item. Here’s the list of things you need for the creation of Drain Punch:

  • Crabrawler Shell x3
  • Croagunk Poison x5
  • Mankey Fur x3
  • League Points (LP) x 8000 LP

You can craft Drain Punch TM many times as long as you have the items mentioned above within your collection.

How does Drain Punch work in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

As early mentioned, Drain Punch is among the best TM’s you can have in your arsenal. Additionally, it is a deadly weapon if applied to the right Pokemon. If used, it has an opportunity to cause paralysis to its adversaries.

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Drain Punch helps to restore the health of the Pokemon through it while doing 50 percent damage to the Pokemon that is being targeted.

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