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How to get Bilbrin Wood in Lost Ark

One of the key features of the Lost Ark is sailing the sea; you require many resources to upgrade your ship. Even if you try to upgrade your ship a couple of times, you will require more rare materials and resources to upgrade your ship further, and that’s one of the challenging tasks to locate and get these rare resources.

One of these rare materials is Bilbrin Timber (also known as Bilbrin wood), which is used for making lightweight ships and cannot be logged from felled trees like traditional timber. You will require Bilbrin wood to upgrade your ship, so you may be wondering and searching on google where to find Bilbrin Timber. But don’t worry; we are here to assist you in finding this rare material. Let’s start locating Bilbrin Wood together!

Where to find Bilbrin Wood in Lost Ark

Bilbrin timber location in lost ark
Bilbrin Timber Location in Lost Ark | Screenshot by Pcgamexp

The best way to get Bilbrin Wood in Lost Ark is to sail to Lake Shiverwave on the eastern shores. In this area, you will find two traveling merchant ships, Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel and Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel.

You can purchase Bilbrin Timber from these traveling merchant ships. Sceptrum’s Coins are used to purchase Bilbrin Wood from traveling merchant ships. You will need 25 Sceptrum’s Coins to purchase one Bilbrin timber.

Sceptrum’s Coins is a unique pirate currency that you can only obtain by completing various quests on the Rohendel shores in Lost Ark. Traveling merchant vessels that dock at the port of Lake Shiverwave only accept these coins on the island of Rohendel. They can also be traded for Pirate Coins with any merchant willing to accept them.

The Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel and Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel can dock at any port. However, they will only be able to sell Bilbrin Timber when they dock in Lake Shiverwave in Rohendel. You should check the dock often as the ships dock at Lake Shiverwave port approximately every 10 to 15 mins.

Docking at lake shiverwave
Docking at Lake Shiverwave | Screenshot by Pcgamexp

The other way to acquire Bilbrin Timber is to buy it from a Trade Merchant in your Stronghold. But there are few chances that a Trade Merchant will show up at your Stronghold with Bilbrinwood, making it a risky method. A few merchants who may be able to carry Bilbrin Wood include Maxelle, Tuleu, and Astiel.

The rare and difficult-to-find materials are abundant in Lost Ark, so It’s best to know how to get them before you start finding them. We have other guides that can help you if you are unsure about how to get any other materials the game offers.

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