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How to complete Lost Ark Her Majesty’s Holiday quest

Lost Ark has various hidden stories and quests contribute to the Adventurer’s Tome completion, earning you useful rewards. You will need to find and complete the Hidden Stories to get all of the Lost Ark myth.

Lost Ark Her Majesty’s Holiday Quest

Hidden Stories are found in different locations throughout the game. But, without hints, can you complete all hidden stories? This article will hint at Lost Ark Her Majesty’s Holiday quest.

Vern castle lost ark
Vern Castle

Her Majesty’s Holiday is one of these Hidden Stories in Lost Ark. It is available in the game’s early stages by visiting Vern Castle. Here’s a step-by-step guide if you are unsure how to complete this quest.

How to complete Lost Ark Her Majesty’s Holiday

Ealyn location in building
Ealyn in Throne room

To get started your journey through Her Majesty’s Holiday Hidden Story, you must visit the Her Majesty ‘Queen Ealyn’ in Vern Castle. She is in the throne room at the castle, which is located near Point shown on the above map. You will be asked to assist her in assisting the people of her castle.

The knight commander from vern, avele location
The Knight Commander from Vern, Avele Location

The first person to assist is Avele, the Knight Commander from Vern. You’ll have to submit Avele’s report to the Queen; therefore, you’ll need to return to her and hand over the report. On the way, you’ll be confronted with a scene in which the Queen is unhappy about the people she meets. After the cut scene, walk towards the Queen.

Interact with object inside building
Object at the entrance of the audience chamber

Next, Queen Ealyn is lonely, so she would like you to be her companion. Start by checking the audience chamber to see if anyone is secretly listening to a conversation.
You can carry it out by going up to Point shown on map and then interacting with the object at the entrance of the audience chamber. You can then see who’s around. Go back to Queen and tell her your good news.

Knight member berrick

It seems we’re making an amazing escape while helping the Queen enjoy an adventure. It would be best if you distracted Knight member Berrick so the Queen can sneak past and have some entertainment for a while.

Creation plaza

After the Queen has gone, make your way to Creation Plaza, where Queen Ealyn is waiting at Point shown on the map. Join Ealyn and then interact with an object. Speak with queen and revel in the fun you’ve made.

Drink merchant

After that, Queen will take you on an adventure to pick up some fresh apple juice. Visit the Drink Merchant located at Point shown on the above map and buy an Apple drink in honor of Her Majesty.

Ealyn location 2
Ealyn Located at different point

Once you’ve got the refreshing drink, head back to Ealyn to hand it over. Her location is different now; therefore, make your way toward Point shown on the map.

She’ll ask you to have an apple juice along with her. Go ahead and drink while playing with the spot on the ground beside the Queen. Talk with Ealyn, and you’ll be given your next task.

Bored kid location
Deliver book to Bored kid at this point

The new task is to give a bored kid an illustrated storybook so he can go through the end of the story she started telling him earlier. Queen Ealyn will return to the castle by herself and leave you with the book to deliver to the bored kid at the points shown on the above map.

Finally, you must return to the palace and talk to the Queen, who’s back in her throne room.

After completing the last mission and returning to the palace, congratulations, you have completed the Lost Ark ‘Her Majesty’s Holiday’ quest. The above steps are tried and tested ways to ensure that you finish Her Majesty’s holiday on Lost Ark.

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