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How to Catch Rellor and Evolve It Into Rabsca In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the players can catch Pokemon with some uncertain methods to transform them into their final form. The changes are in line with the latest gameplay mechanics available in-game and players will have to make use of these mechanisms to get these new Pokemon to add to their Pokedex.

One of the Pokemon is Rellor, like a dung beetle that appears challenging to evolve initially. Rabsca is an attractive and new Psychic or Bug-type Pokemon. To obtain Rabsca and grow it, here’s what players need to do.

Catching a Rellor

Rellor pokedexjpg

The first thing that players must do to catch the Rellor is to move towards the west in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Paldea region. The Western Province of Paldea lies in the Asado Desert, a barren island, but it still has many Flying and ground-type Pokemon.

Asado desert

The most common native Pokemon found is the tiny beetle Rellor. The players should start walking through as they walk through the Asado Desert, keeping an eye on the little balls that are rolling around in the sand and will spot a Rellor at a reasonable speed.

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Evolving a Rellor

Rellor is evolving

The evolution of Rellor is where things get slightly more challenging. Rellor does not change in any way, regardless of the level, unless it meets a precondition first, which is the new mechanic of Let’s Go within Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The Let’s Go mechanic allows players to take their Pokemon out of their Pokeballs and out into the wild using the ZR Button. Or, players can use the button R to take their team out to battle Pokemon on the open field.

Rellor lets go

What’s more uncertain is that to evolve Rellor to a Rabsca, the player must move about with the Rellor for a couple of minutes before they can level up their Rellor. After taking about 1000 steps and creating the conditions for their Rellor to increase its level even when it’s not in Pokeball range, Rellor will evolve into Rabsca.

Rellor is rabsca

Players must remain Rellor away from their Pokeballs throughout the process because Rellor isn’t able to evolve in the case of being inside its Pokeball at the time it is leveling up. That means Rellor should be outside its Pokeball and moving around using the Let’s Go feature as it grows. Rellor is a slow-moving Pokemon; therefore, players should be aware of walking too fast since it can return to its Pokeball if players are too far from it.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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