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How to Beat Nemona – Final Rival Battle Guide

After defeating the Elite Four and Top Champion Geeta players, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players will have one last rival battle. However, unlike the previous ones, it doesn’t matter if players beat Nemona. Players will need to bring their A-games and their best Pokemon to complete the Victory Road.

As you might expect from the last rival battle in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Nemona’s team has a fairly balanced roster. This means that players will have to be careful about choosing which Pokemon they bring. It’s a six-on-six battle, so players can pick a Pokemon that can counter Nemona’s team members if they have a lower-level Pokemon.

How to prepare for the Battle of Nemona

Pokemon-scarlet-violet-nemona-final-rival-guide-locationThis time, there is no Gym Test or an assessment interview. All players need to think about how they can counter Nemona’s team. The Lycanroc she uses has Ground and Rock-type coverage. Players should bring a Fighting or Grass type to handle it. Goodra is more complex, but any non-Dragon-type with access to Ice or Dragon-type moves, such as Gyarados, should be able to handle it quickly. A Fighting-type can take out Dudunsparce, like Lycanroc. Players should bring Falinks if they have one. Pokemon-scarlet-violet-nemona-final-rival-guide-prepare

Falinks are also strong against Orthworm. Corviknight will be as well due to its access to Body Press. Pawmot is weak to Ground, Psychic, and Fairy-type attacks. However, players should keep to Pokemon of these types since Ice-Punch can be very effective against Ground-type Pokemon. Nemona’s final Pokemon will be the last evolution of the starter Pokemon she chose at the start of the game. Players can also use their Starter Pokemon in the battle to defeat it.

How to Beat Nemona

Pokemon-scarlet-violet-nemona-final-rival-guide-challengePlayers who bring Pokemon with type advantage should be able to defeat Nemona during the final rival battle. Goodra is the only one that could cause any trouble due to its high Special Attack stats and Special defense stats. It should be relatively easy to defeat if a physical attacker attacks it with a high Special Defense stat (i.e., Gyarados). Pokemon-scarlet-violet-nemona-final-rival-guide-victory-road-completeNemona will be pleased to congratulate the player for defeating her and proclaim them the strongest trainer of Pokemon in Paldea. After the conversation is over, players will be returned to their academy dorm rooms. The Victory Road story arc will then officially end. However, players will only be awarded prize money if they have completed the Starfall Street and Path of Legends arcs. They will, however, gain access to the final main story mission of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.
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