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How to fix Her Majesty’s Secret 3 bug in Lost Ark

Gaming bugs can be deadly for any game development firm; however, the bugs that have resulted in the opposite, making the company famous. Regardless of the cases, it is unlikely that users will relish such issues as they could hamper gamers’ experience.

Games such as Lost Ark are inclined to bugs due to their size. MMOs comprise so many flimsy moving parts that keeping the fundamental elements in balance and working is nearly impossible. Many players have discovered an apparent glitch in Her Majesty’s Secret Hidden Story. But the “glitch” comes down to an unintentional misunderstanding and some trickery by the creators. As Lost Ark has a ‘Her Majesty’s secret 3’ bug, here are the details you need to learn to dodge the bugs other players have experienced.

How can you avoid Her Majesty’s Secret 3 bug in Lost Ark?

Avoid lost ark her majesty’s secret 3 bu
Screenshot by Pcgamexp

In ‘Her Majesty’s Secret’ players has to visit investigative spots in the Fesnar Hills area of North Vern. As we explained in our guide to the Hidden Story, players must visit three investigative spots the queen visited on her journey through the region to complete ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Hidden Story.’ It is believed that the Secret 3 bug appears when players see the third point and find that it’s not appropriately spawned.

The challenge in this quest starts from the secret 2/3, where a bogus spot is present closely with the correct one on the left side not too far. Players interacting with the wrong Investigative spot could divert them from advancing the quest. As you can see in the image above, two books/investigation spots exist to interact. Investigative spot 1 is a fake; if you interact with that Investigative spot, it will show you the message mentions;

”A mountain, an animal, the sea, a child doodled on this paper. Looking at it, I feel warm inside. There may be more notes around here.”

Image 1
Screenshot by Pcgamexp

Instead, go to investigative spot 2, and investigate; it will deliver the following message shown in the image below. After that you will advance to secret 3/3 to correctly complete it.

Screenshot by Pcgamexp

The ‘Her Majesty’s Secret 3’ bug in Lost Ark is caused by players recognizing the wrong investigative spot at secret 2/3. Going through the correct spot to progress throughout the Hidden Story is crucial. If not, the third investigative spot, found inside the Ancient Elveria dungeon, won’t appear, and you’ll have to begin the process again.

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