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Genshin Impact Tier List: Best Characters Tier List

The Genshin Impact tier list will help you choose which of the Genshin Impact characters to play in this massive open-world RPG for mobile. More than 50 playable characters are available in Genshin Impact, so deciding which one to play isn’t easy.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time with all characters in the Genshin Impact characters and compared them to one another in various aspects to make this Genshin Impact tier list. There are also rumours of new characters coming, and we’ll make this list more up-to-date when they become available. As a result, we suggest that you save this guide to your device and regularly check it to stay up-to-date with the latest changes.

Characters are ranked within this guide based on their overall usefulness. Although even low-ranked characters have some areas in which they perform well, the higher the ranking, the more significant opportunities you’ll have to benefit from the characters.

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Overall Best Genshin Impact Tier list

Tier Genshin Impact characters
SS+Ayaka, Bennett, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Kazuha, Raiden, Xiangling, Xingqiu, Yelan, Zhongli
S+Albedo, Ayato, Childe, Diona, Eula, Gorou, Heizou, Itto, Jean, Kokomi,Mona, Sara, Shenhe, Sucrose, Venti, Xiao, Yoimiya, Yun Jin
SBeidou, Diluc, Fischl, Klee, Qiqi, Rosaria, Sayu, Traveler (Electro),Yae Miko, Yanfei
ABarbara, Chongyun, Keqing, Kuki Shinobu, Ningguang, Noelle
BKaeya, Lisa, Razor, Thoma, Xinyan
CAloy, Amber, Traveler (anemo, and geo)

Tier List Overview Criteria

Tier Description
SS+Characters who excel superior to others in their roles can easily be the core members of the party.
S+Characters with high performance in their roles.
SCharacters that are highly effective in their roles, however, don’t exceed their limits in terms of talents and Constellations.
ACharacters who are able to perform well in their role and shine in particular party compositions.
BCharacters that are functional can be quickly replaced based on their skills or stats.
CCharacters who have limited combat capabilities, that are more suitable for exploration.

Best SS+ Rank Genshin Impact Tier List

Characters who excel superior to others in their roles can easily be the core members of the party. If you roll into one of the characters listed, hold the character and invest your time and resources into these characters. The characters perform exceptionally in almost every aspect of the game.


Main DPSC0CryoSword
GanyuMain DPSC0CryoBow
Hu TaoMain DPSC1PyroPolearm
RaidenMain DPSC2ElectroPolearm
XianglingSub DPSC4PyroPolearm
XingqiuSub DPSC6HydroSword
YelanSub DPSC0HydroBow

Best S+ Rank Genshin Impact Tier List

These are all extremely powerful Genshin Impact characters you will be delighted to have at your party.

AlbedoSub DPSC0GeoSword
AyatoMain DPSC0HydroSword
ChildeMain DPSC0HydroBow
EulaMain DPSC0CryoClaymore
HeizouSub DPSC0AnemoCatalyst
IttoMain DPSC0GeoClaymore
VentiSub DPSC0AnemoBow
XiaoMain DPSC0AnemoPolearm
YoimiyaMain DPSC0PyroBow
Yun JinUtilityC2GeoPolearm

Best S Rank Genshin Impact Tier List

Characters that are highly effective in their roles, however, don’t exceed their limits in terms of talents and Constellations.

BeidouSub DPSC2ElectroClaymore
DilucMain DPSC0PyroClaymore
FischlSub DPSC6ElectroBow
KleeMain DPSC0PyroCatalyst
Traveler (Electro)UtilityC6ElectroSword
Yae MikoSub DPSC0ElectroCatalyst
YanfeiMain DPSC2PyroCatalyst

Best A Rank Genshin Impact Tier List

A-Rank characters are guaranteed to do the job. They are flexible and can get you through most games with ease.

KeqingMain DPSC0ElectroSword
Kuki ShinobuUtilityC0ElectroSword
NingguangMain DPSC1GeoCatalyst
NoelleMain DPSC6GeoClaymore

Best B Rank Genshin Impact Tier List

While B rank characters aren’t worth being excited about, they offer good performance across a range of areas of the game. You’ll be able to get through the game playing with a team consisting of them, however, you’ll have to put in more effort and swap out your characters more frequently.

KaeyaSub DPSC0CryoSword
LisaSub DPSC0ElectroCatalyst
RazorMain DPSC4ElectroClaymore

Best C Rank Genshin Impact Tier List

Characters who have limited combat capabilities, that are more suitable for exploration. These characters are admittedly basic, but with some gacha luck, you’ll be able to eliminate them quickly.

AloySub DPSC0CryoBow
AmberSub DPSC0PyroBow
Traveler (Anemo)Sub DPSC6AnemoSword
Sub DPSC6GeoSword

Role Breakdown and Functions

Main DPSThese characters are primary damage-dealer
They fill rotation with normal attacks and the charged attack and these attacks are the main focus of their DMG.
Sub DPSSub DPS is secondary damage-dealer
Make use of Elemental Skills or bursts of power to offer Elemental Reactions in support of the main DPS.
They have flexible Elemental Skill or burst utility.
Usually, they are swapped out after Skill and Burst use.
Utility or SupportThese characters Provide support through Elemental Skills, burst, and passive talents.
They are primarily used for buffs, debuffs, shields, or healing.

Best Main DPS Genshin Impact Tier List

TierGenshin Impact characters
SS+Ayaka, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Raiden
S+Ayato, Childe, Eula, Itto, Xiao, Yoimiya
SDiluc, Klee, Yanfei
AKeqing, Ningguang, Noelle

Best Sub DPS Genshin Impact Tier List

TierGenshin Impact characters
SS+Xiangling, Xiangqiu, Yelan
S+Albedo, Heizou, Venti
SBeidou, Fischl, Yae Miko
BKaeya,  Lisa
CAloy, Amber, Traveler (anemo, and geo)

Best Utility or Support Genshin Impact Tier List

TierGenshin Impact characters
SS+Bennett, Kazuha, Zhongli
S+Diona, Gorou, Jean, Kokomi, Mona, Sara, Shenhe, Sucrose, Yun Jin
SQiqi, Rosaria, Sayu, Traveler (electro)
ABarbara, Chongyun, Kuki Shinobu
BThoma, Xinyan

Upcoming Genshin Impact Characters

Following Genshin Impact characters will likely appear in the next update and we’ll include them in the Genshin Impact tier list upon their arrival.

  • Baizhu
  • Collei
  • CynoVarka
  • Dainsleif
  • Dori
  • Iansan
  • Lynette
  • Lyney
  • Pulcinella
  • Scaramouche
  • Tighnari
  • Yaoyao

Genshin Impact Character List


Genshin Impact 2.0 update introduced Ayaka, a noble and lonely princess of the Kamisato clan. Many people expected a lot from the character, and it’s safe to say she has fulfilled those expectations. The power of Ayaka is in her ability to move swiftly between enemies with Senho sprints and freezing them before taking massive Cryo damage. In addition, Ayaka is particularly well-suited with Xingqui to ensure constant freeze reaction.


Bennett is a fabulous four-star support character who uses his Elemental Burst to heal and a good attack boost and Pyro infusion once you unlock Constellation 6. He is particularly well-suited with Pyro DPS characters such as Diluc or Klee because of the 25% boost in attack due to Elemental Resonance. In addition, his healing abilities and damage-reducing capabilities have earned him the top spot on our list of top performers.


Ganyu is calm and quiet, but when armed with a powerful weapon and solid artifacts, Ganyu’s Cryo skills transform her into one of Genshin Impact’s best DPS characters and top damage dealers. Her Elemental skill helps her escape danger quickly, and her burst power deals massive amounts of AoE damage to numerous enemies, especially when paired with other charged shots.

Her normal attack can deliver up to six consecutive strikes with arrows, but her charged shot is not limited to frozen arrows that inflict Cryo damage. However, sufficient charged arrows can explode, producing AoE Cryo damage that could result in an impossible double-shot.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is an incredibly robust DPS character who hits like a fire truck and is very useful in battle with the proper build and timing. She inflicts massive Pyro damage through her Elemental Skills and her passive. However, Her burst ability, Spirit Soother, also causes AoE Pyro damages and can heal her after it strikes.

Hu Tao does not often need to be with lower HP to do massive damage. Which can cause her party composition to be challenging to keep in balance as it can be difficult to match her with healers. However, if you have the right build, Hu Tao can be a great option to boost your squad due to her polearm skills in Pyro. So there are many reasons to place her high on our list of tiers.


Being the first Inazuma Character to enter the game, Kazuha has impressed the Genshin Impact community with his fantastic range of abilities. Kazuha is a formidable samurai that can strike in a quick flash with his sword. 

He’s always calm and loves being outdoors; however, he’s adept at making use of the force of Anemo when fighting to execute some slick moves. He even has crowd control abilities that are similar to Venti!

Like many Anemo Characters, Kazuha is at his greatest when he’s built to Elemental Mastery, which is a way of strengthening and aiding Elemental Absorption. Like Xiao, Kazuha plays with a great sense of fun characterized by his Midare Ranzan attacking with a soaring force.

Kazuha is a formidable player for numerous teams, and many players believe he is an absolute necessity. So, if you enjoy his agile and quick kit, he’ll be an excellent teammate.

Raiden Shogun

When Raiden Shogun (also known as Baal) first entered the game, she was inexperienced because of the electro element’s power. However, when players learned to make the most of her skills, Raiden Shogun shot into the ranks and became one of the most popular Genshin Impact characters. Her excellent support style is a riot of energy, which makes it simple for her to fit into various teams.

Does anyone believe that Electro Archon proved to be the most powerful battery? When other characters use their bursts of energy, it makes Raiden’s effective, but it recharges all other characters when she utilizes her own Burst Energy. Since her passives make her more powerful using Energy Recharge, it creates an endless cycle of bursts feeding into bursts.

Raiden Shogun is a formidable Electro-powered character with a formidable arsenal and the ability to bring things to life. In addition, she has a Musou no Hitotachi that allows her to enter the state of being able to unleash devastating attacks.


Xiangling is a highly skilled chef, and you may have helped her in her quest to make the most delicious spicy meal. When she’s not cooking, she’s shooting villains using her Pyro polearm and her round friend Guoba. Her initial abilities are a relatively weak set of skills; however, as you progress through her Constellations, you’ll notice she’s much more potent than her initial strength suggest.

Xiangling can summon the fire-breathing bear that will automatically target opponents. She can unleash an elemental burst that surrounds her in the fire for up to 10 minutes, while her melee strikes are simple to execute.


Another great Sub-DPS character for novices, Xingqui is easy to use for close-range attacks; however, he has a short-range, which requires extensive dashing to avoid attacks. This four-star swordsman summons healing swords that reduce damage while his Elemental Burst follows attacks by deploying rain swords to inflict Hydro damage.

He works well with Pyro or Electro damage dealers, allowing plenty of Electro-Charged and Vaporized reactions. In addition to Ayaka, Bennett, Ganyu, Hu Tao, and Kazu, Xingqiu is one of the principal characters in Genshin Impact.


As an Archon and Venti, It’s not surprising that Zhongli has the power of God. The Geo polearm player has proved to be highly discreet with all opponents (despite his poor financial management capabilities) and is the perfect partner to any team.

With the ability to fill sub-DPS roles and support, Zhongli was significantly boosted in his 1.3 updates. The enhancements for Geo abilities and the Geo resonance effect have dramatically improved Zhongli’s damage production. As a result, he can deal a significant amount of damage while giving buffs and shields to the other members of the party and petrifying enemies.

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