Effort Values (EVs), also known as Base Points, are earned through EV Training and battling other Pokemon. Sometimes, however, you may not be satisfied with your Pokemon’s EVs and want to change them. It is possible in Pokemon Scarlett and Violet.

This article will discuss how to change the EVs of your Pokemon and allow them to develop differently.

How to change the EVs for a level 100 Pokemon

Reducing Berries are all that is required to change the EVs for your Pokemon. You can adjust your Pokemon’s stats using this item, which reduces a particular EV by 10. You would still need a specific berry for each stat in your Pokemon.

  • Reducing 10 HP EVs – Pomag Berry
  • Reducing 10 Attack EVs – Kelpsy Berry
  • Qualot Berry: 10 Defense EVs Reduction
  • Reducing 10 Special Attack – Hondew Berry
  • Reducing 10 Special Defense – Grepa Berry
  • Reducing 10 Speed – Tamato Berry

These berries only reduce the EVs of a specific stat. These berries won’t give these points back, so you can use them to upgrade your EV. You’ll need to EV-train your Pokemon and traditionally increase its EVs.

Find Reducing Berries

There are two ways to find reducing berries. The first is easy – be sure to keep your eyes open when you are looking at the map. There will be many bright spots, and while they won’t all be reducing berries, some will.

Another way to get Reducing Berries is to visit Porto Marinada Market to participate in Bargains. You will need to outbid other NPCs. This is only possible after passing the Water Gym Test.

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