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PS Plus Subscribers Can Claim a New Call of Duty Warzone Bonus

Before the new PlayStation Plus levels launched, online multiplayer and free monthly games were the service’s main selling points. Users now have multiple options, each offering their unique extras when PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium is available all over the globe.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can access other bonuses that may not be as well-known. PlayStation Plus members may be able to take advantage of lower prices during sales and sometimes get a launch discount from publishers. PlayStation Plus members can access exclusive packs for different games, which is probably the best benefit. PlayStation Plus now offers one such pack for one of the most beloved shooters in the world.

PlayStation Plus members can now get a special in-game bundle for Call of Duty Warzone. Activision released this pack to celebrate Season Four of Call of Duty and Call of Duty. The season began on June 22. The combat pack includes legendary items such as weapon blueprints for a Shotgun or an LMG. You will also receive cosmetic items such as an epic sticker and a legendary watch, plus a 60-minute double token of XP.

This combat pack’s highlight is Halima Zambardi’s legendary operator skin. This trailer shows off the skin briefly before introducing the rest of the items in the bundle. This add-on isn’t exclusive to PlayStation Plus members. Any tier member can claim Warzone: Call of Duty free combat pack.

Sony releases many similar bundles for other video games to offer players a variety of bonus items. PlayStation Plus subscribers can access the Exclusive Packs section to purchase the PS Plus Celebration Pack Fortnite, which gives them access to a new outfit, backpack, and other bonus items. Similar packs can be found for Smite and Genshin Impact.

Some bundles contain only cosmetic items. Others can include gameplay items. In May 2022, Sony released a special FIFA 22 PS Plus bundle that included 11 players rated at least 82. EA and Sony probably wanted to offer players a way to kick-start their Ultimate Team, as FIFA 22 was a free PS Plus game.

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