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Best Sylveon Tera Raid Build in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Tera Raids are a new battle game in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. They can be very challenging, and you should be prepared. To be able to do this, you must have the best possible build of your Pokemon. Sylveon is particularly strong when you’ve got the right build, which makes these Tera Raid battles feel like a breeze. Use this guide to find the best Sylveon-specific construction for every Tera Raid, even six-starred ones.

Best Tera Raid Build for Sylveon

The best Sylveon to play in a Tera Raid battle is a fairy-type using the set consisting of Pixelate, Hyper Voice, Misty Terrain, along with fake Tears. These four moves will strengthen your Sylveon against your adversaries when participating in Tera Raids. Pixelate enhances the damage of regular-type Pokemon and transforms these into magical moves. This creates Sylveon very powerful in Tera Raid’s game, especially when you are fighting against dragon-type enemies.

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Starting the battle using Fake Tears is the perfect method since it will reduce the Special Attacks of your opponent by two levels, making them considerably weaker. Misty Terrain is also an excellent option at the start of the battle, as it puts the game in your favor. When you’ve got this first turn out of the way, you can hit your opponent with a hefty amount of Hyper Voice, taking the maximum amount of damage you can.

EV and Held Item

Tera Raid EV Spreads for Sylveon are concentrated on a strong defense through Special Attacks and the ability to survive by HP.

A Sylveon using the Metronome will enable your Pokemon to strike harder. It can be described in terms of “An object that the Pokemon hold. It increases the effectiveness of moves used in succession but only until a new move is utilized.” That means when you use Hyper Voice consecutively, you will cause more damage.

Pokemon Nature

Utilize Modest Nature to build your Sylveon because this build is primarily focused on Special Attack. Modest Nature will decrease the attack rate but will increase Special Attack which is excellent given that Hyper Voice is described as a Specific Attack and is your primary method of dealing with damage in this build.

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