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Best Smoke Grenade Spots on Dust 2 CS:GO Map (December 2022)

Dust 2 is one of the most popular CS:GO maps, created from the Half-Life mod and the predecessor Dust (de_dust) and has been a standard since its release. It was so popular in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that Valve created a Competitive bracket for it. If you asked, “What is the most memorable and game-defining map in CS:GO?” We would all answer, “Dust 2!”

The Dust 2 maps from earlier Counter-Strike games are mostly unchanged, but the CS:GO version has seen a lot of changes over the years. The latest version was released on October 18, 2017. Here are the top Smoke Spots in Dust 2 CS:GO map.

How to practice smoke throwing in CS:GO

First, make sure the developer console is turned on in the game options. Next, drop the console with the “~” key, type map de_dust2, and hit Enter. After joining the game, press Enter and type bot_kick into the console. Then type in the following commands:

sv_cheats 1, mp_roundtime_defuse 60, mp_freezetime 0, mp_restartgame 1, sv_infinite_ammo 1, give weapon_smokegrenade, sv_grenade_trajectory 1.

The commands will give you a long round to practice with, infinite smoke bombs, and a trail to follow their progress.

You can bind a key you don’t often use to toggle for noclip (flying), so you can move faster around the map. i.e., bind h noclip

You can use a key you don’t often use as a toggle for small/large crosshairs to align your grenade crosshairs. For example, if your Cl_crosshairsize is 5, you can use the command without a value to switch between regular and grenade crosshairs: bind F4 “toggle CL_crosshairsize 55000″ (with ” “).

10 Best Smoke spots on Dust 2 in CS.GO

It is crucial to know Dust 2 as the most widely used CS:GO map. Also, you should learn where a Smoke Grenade placed correctly can change the tides in a single round.

We will be honest; Dust 2 has many great spots for smoking. However, this article will only cover the most important ones. It is essential to practice timing them correctly sometimes.

We will show you exactly where to place yourself and where to aim.

How to Smoke From T Long to CT Spawn Under A Site on Dust 2

  1. You will need to place yourself between the barrel and the wall.
  2. As shown in the image, aim for the wire at the edge of your streetlight. Run at full speed, and then, when your crosshair crosses the red line at the bottom, fire the smoke grenade.
  3. Depending on your success timing, you may cover the entire route from CT spawn up to Ramp or leave tiny holes at the edges. This smoke is safe to toss and allows your teammates to push on A, while CT Spawn can effectively strike back.

How to Smoke from T Spawn to CT Long Corner on Dust 2

  1. You can place yourself between the boxes at the T Spawn (en route to A).
  2. Practice by aiming straight ahead of the third row indicated and halting the crosshair just slightly above the wire.
  3. While you remain static, release the Smoke Grenade. The doors are now ineffectively protected by CTs.

How to Smoke from T Long to CT Spawn on Dust 2

This one is quite absurd when you consider how complicated the route to the destination is.

  1. Turn left when you approach the Long doors. Keep your eyes on the middle line.
  2. Follow the lines and aim for the corner indicated.
  3. Keep your body still and release the smoke grenade by clicking with your left click.

How to Smoke Goose from Short on Dust 2

It is the most difficult one on the list and takes a lot of practice.

  1. Place your hand in the imaginary line that runs between the box’s 1st and 2nd thirds.
  2. Crouch down and gaze in the bottom half of the sixth stair, looking toward the top. Keep the crosshair parallel to the right edge of the Aurora banner (see photo).
  3. Crouch down and press Jump to toss the grenade. You can try to recreate the bounce pattern in the third image.

How to Smoke Mid to B from Mid on Dust 2

  1. Lower Tunnel’s entrance is at the end. Go to the side closest to T Spawn, and then look for the pattern in the image (in the middle).
  2. Place your focus where it is indicated: just below the cable, over the pointed top, and above the pointed top.
  3. You can release the Smoke Grenade to run inside the CT Spawn without fear of B.

How to Smoke CT from Mid on Dust 2

  1. Place yourself in the corner next to the X Box.
  2. As shown in the image, aim for the black stain on a brighter wall section.
  3. You can toss the Smoke Grenade, and you’ll be able to rush into B without worrying about A or CT Spawn.

How to Smoke B Doors from Tunnels on Dust 2

  1. As shown in the image, position yourself in the corner.
  2. As shown in the image, aim for the imaginary red line in the middle.
  3. Through Smoke Grenade. For maximum effect, aim to hit the edge with the second bounce. However, even if it misses the edge of your door, it should still pass the edge.

How to Smoke B Platform (Back B) from Tunnels on Dust 2

  1. You will notice this strange brick standing out as soon as you pass through the Tunnel from T Spawn. As shown in the image, position yourself to look at the brick’s left half.
  2. Take a look up at the cross as shown above. The vertical line is about the halfway mark of the sky-colored space. The horizontal line is the extension of the bottom board to the left.
  3. Through your Smoke Grenade, and you are done!

How to Smoke Long Doors from Car on Long on Dust 2

  1. Locate the tile with the small bush and hug the wall. Then, stand on half the tile.
  2. As shown, aim between the line running through the left edges and the cable at the bottom.
  3. Jump and let go of the Smoke Grenade. You can adjust the distance the Smoke Grenade will travel depending on how you angle it. Enemies won’t dare go in, as they would be sitting ducks.

How to Aggressively Smoke Short from CT Spawn on Dust 2

The last one is quite simple, but it has a crazy trajectory that can help your teammates better position themselves to defend against attacks via Catwalk To Short.

  1. As shown in the image, position yourself on the crates to the left of the CT. Grab the wall with your hands and place your crosshair at the line.
  2. Short is the spot where the imaginary line between the top and antenna crosses.
  3. Stand still and let your Smoke Grenade go. The Smoke Grenade will bounce for a while; then it will fall to the ground just before Ts reach that spot, scaring them away and making it easier for your team to defend.

We hope you enjoyed this guide. We wish you much success in your training, and many match and round wins. As time goes by, we’ll be posting more to help you improve your competitive rank in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

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