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AMD’s FSR2.0 Is Now Available For Xbox Series X/S And Xbox One Developers

Image upscaling has become a standard in the visual industry, especially for AAA games. AMD has FidelityFX Super Resolution, a more open-source version of Nvidia’s DLSS scaling tech. Modern developers need to improve graphics without putting more strain on their hardware. The latest version of team red’s FSR, a more open-source variant of Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling tech, is now available to Xbox developers.

IGN spotted a blog post on AMD’s website acknowledging the first anniversary of FSR. Version 1.0 will be launched on June 22, 2021. Version 2.0 was released last month and is being updated to be compatible with newer games. Developers for the Xbox One consoles and Xbox Series X/S will now be able to use the updated image scaling software.

The post states that the software will be available in Xbox GDK (or Game Development Kit). Upscaling is essentially an AI-driven technology. It redraws pixels to create higher resolutions. Upscaling can make a 1080p game appear as if running at 1440p, improving visual quality and not causing more work for the graphics cards. FSR 2.0 by AMD has been used in Cyberpunk2077. However, a fan-made this mod, which is now being used in many other titles.

Developers supporting fsr

FSR 1.0 supported 47 games last year, including Deathloop and Resident Evil. According to AMD’s blog post, FidelityFX Super Resolution was made compatible with 110 titles since then. Its open-source version 2.0 now supports consoles and may give it an advantage over other competitors, particularly Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling, which has been the industry leader in scaling technology upscaling until recently.

Others are also looking to join the fray. Apple has recently introduced MetalFX, its upscaling artificial intelligence that will be included with its Metal 3 graphics API. Intel also has XeSS (or Xe Super Sampling), so the competition is getting tougher. It seems AMD may have an edge, especially since Xbox developers can implement it in games.

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