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All voice actors in The Callisto Protocol

The role of video games as an entertainment source have seen a change throughout the years. In the last 10 years, AAA developers have breached into completely unknown world. Some games have taken an inspiration from Hollywood blockbusters, they have created more complex, detailed and compelling stories. In addition technological advancements, the technology has improved to the point that actors are auditioning for a video game may be more similar to casting for a film or television show. The talented people in Striking Studios determined that this should come true for their first video game the Callisto Protocol.

The game is directed by the Co-creators of The Dead Space franchise, Glen Schofield. The game seeks to recreate the dark and damp horror element of his previous games. When Sony offered the Visual Arts Services Groups help together with their huge motion capture studio, they understood they would need to add an element of acting skills for their character. Let’s get out of the prison and look at the voice actors from The Callisto Protocol.

All voice actors of The Callisto Protocol

While there is definitely way more voices from famous actors and actresses in the game, we’re going to focus on the major characters revealed in the first few days. The principal characters and the actors who portray their roles:

  • Josh Duhamel as Jacob Lee
  • Karen Fukuhara as Dani Nakamura
  • Sam Witwer as Captain Leon Ferris
All voice actors in the callisto protocol josh duhamel
Image via Striking Distance Studios

As our main protagonist, who players will be in control of, the freight trucker Jacob Lee is voiced and modelled after Hollywood actor Josh Duhamel. He made his first public appearance on the show The Ed before landing a breakthrough part in the role of William Lennox in the Michael Bay directed Transformers films. When it comes to voice acting, Duhamel has voiced his numerous characters from Hollywood and video games. Voices he has contributed to films and TV shows such as Batman, The Long HalloweenBlade Runner, Black Lotus and Wings. Alongside another actor in this list, he’s previously voiced characters for hit games such as Skylanders and Call of Duty WWII.

All voice actors in the callisto protocol karen fukuhara
Image via Striking Distance Studios

Karen Fukuhara is making her debut in gaming using her voice and facial expressions being utilized for her role as Dani Nakamura. The leader of the alleged terrorist organization known as the Outer Way who meets our protagonist in the early stages of the game. The one with the smallest amount of credits for acting, Fukuhara has definitely made her mark in every role she’s been in. Her first part was an extremely important minor character on Suicide Squad, prior to being cast as the main character on the popular Amazon program The Boys. She also did some voice-overs in Star Wars: Visions and Robot Chicken.

All voice actors in the callisto protocol sam witwer
Image via Striking Distance Studios

The final voice actor on The Callisto Protocol is the talented Sam Witwer, giving his voice and facial expressions to the character Captain Leon Ferris who seems to be the adversary in the game. Witwer is not new into the realm of video game voice actors, as stated earlier. Voice acting the beloved and terrifying Starkiller on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, he has also voiced the character for numerous Star Wars games as well as directing other games such as Days Gone. His first acting appearance was with an appearance on ER before moving to numerous other TV series and movies both large and small. Some notable performances include his parts on The Humans, Being HumanBattlestar Galactica and Once Upon a Time.

The acting credits for each of these amazing actors could go on forever. This is just a handful of the shows you could have seen them on. No matter if you’ve seen their names or not it is a sure bet that you’ll see spectacular performances from the trio and the other cast members. So, when a developer claims to have numerous acclamations from players as they do from their fans will be in for an exciting and terrifying experience as The Callisto Protocol will be released on December 2 2022.

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