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All Splatfest Ranks: How to increase your Rank in Splatoon 3

While playing Splatoon 3 and earning Splatfest points through the event, you contribute to the overall team score on the leaderboard. To acknowledge your effort, you’ll earn ranks that others will see throughout the Splatfest. 

Therefore, participate in matches and boost your Splatfest ranking in Splatoon 3. Pursue this guide to learn more about Splatfest 3 Ranks and ways to grow your rank.

List of All Splatfest Ranks in Splatoon 3

All splatfest ranks: how to increase your rank in splatoon 3

There are seven Splatfest ranks in Splatoon 3, and each rank needs a certain amount of points to achieve while playing Splatfest Battles and Tricolor Turf War matches.

The table below includes all Splatfest Ranks and the required points to reach that point.

RankRequired Points
Ruler +1999
Ruler +2999
Source: Fandom and game8

The maximum number of points you can earn is 999; even if you reach Ruler +2 rank, you can continue to improve your rank by earning points. You can check your rank at the top right corner of the Match Menu.

Important Note: Every time you are a part of an entirely new team, your rank will reset at the start of each Splatfest.

How to Increase Rank in Splatoon 3

You can gain points and increase your rank by participating in matches. Losing the match doesn’t impact your ranking as you will acquire points by completing various tasks, so try to play as matches as you can.

You can also earn certain bonuses at the end of every match. In addition to your achievements during matches, these bonuses will also give you points to boost your ranking.

That’s all about Splatfest Ranks; also, check our guide on Squid Roll and Squid Surge in Splatoon 3.

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