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All Salmon Run reward gear in Splatoon 3

For a good reason, Salmon Run is a beloved mode of Splatoon 3. It is it’s not just an excellent opportunity to earn cash fast; however, you also reap other benefits from it, such as gear. Similar to the clothes available that you can find in Splatoon 3, the gear you get during Salmon Run is guaranteed to be “fresh.” For more reasons than the reason to buy it, you’ll only have a short time before it disappears.

The gear you will receive in Salmon Run is all branded, which you can get only through this mode and cannot be purchased through Murch. The abilities you can gain from them are random, and if you get a replica of the gear, you can swap the original one for the new version or swap the updated version for ability chunks. Up to now, the gear has been released in four pieces that are available and rotated out each month. Therefore, make sure you purchase them before they are rotated out!

Bream-Brim CapHeadgear
Lo-Vis VisorHeadgear
Brain StrainerHeadgear
Astro HelmHeadgear

To unlock the gear that is featured, the only thing you need to be able to do is accumulate enough points to get it. If you’re lucky, you can obtain it by using pink capsules.

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How to claim your rewards in Splatoon 3

While you accumulate enough points to unlock the various rewards that Salmon Run offers, these rewards won’t be handed out to you. To claim your rewards, you’ll have to visit the Reception Desk near the entrance the very first moment you enter. You can go here to take advantage of your reward. From here, you’ll find the amount you’ve earned through your capsules and the abilities of your gear.

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