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All 4 Elemental Rod Locations in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

In the game of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, players need to locate four elemental rods to complete Agatha’s quest and earn the Moon Seal, capable of unlocking a new trial and a new ability to traverse. Where do you look for all the seals you can find within the game? To aid you in discovering all the secrets that lie in Game’s Hub as swiftly as you can, here are every Elemental Rod locations in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

List of 4 Elemental Rod Locations in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Fire Rod Location

You can find the Fire Rod by going to the Chapel. After arriving, you’ll be able to locate the object on the altar shown below.


Water Rod Location

You can find the Water Rod by going to the pool in the Grotto. When you arrive, you’ll be able to locate the Rod beneath the bridge, which leads towards the Barracks.


Air Rod Location

After your encounter with Agatha on your second evening, you’ll be able to obtain an Air Rod by heading to the southwest region of the map. From there, you’ll be able to open the gate to access Agatha’s Altar region.

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After that, you’ll be able to locate the Rod in the direction of to the right (north from the view of the map) until you come across a second door. Again, use Open and continue on the path to that Whispering Wood area. After that, you’ll be able to locate Air Rod on the altar, shown below.


Earth Rod Location

Similar to Air Rod, you will require to meet Agatha and unlocked the power to unlock the stone doors to access an Earth Rod. After this, you’ll be able to locate the Rod by going towards the Hunter’s Folly area and then by using open to access your mausoleum. The Earth rod will be found close to the entrance.


How to use The Elemental Rods within Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Once you have completed all four, you’ll be able to use the Elemental Rods after first getting to know Agatha in the Library and progressing through the story until you get to Agatha’s Altar. After that, you can put the rods to receive the Moon Seal and unlock the next phase of the quest.

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