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Adelamyth Tier List – Best Heroes List

This guide ranks the top heroes of Adelamyth. This Adelamyth Tier List always reflects up-to-date Adelamyth Tier List rankings of heroes. It also ranks heroes according to their strengths and competitive play value.

Any hero can do the best job if they are in the right hands. Heroes who are higher in tiers have a higher average win rate, regardless of the players who control them. You can win battles by knowing the rough ranking of Adelamyth heroes.

Some ratings can be disputed because of the many variables we cannot control, such as luck, buffs, stats, and gear. However, Adelamyth’s tier list will give you an excellent knowledge of which heroes are the best and provide you with the most value. Each hero can also be assigned one of the following roles: Support, Ranger, Mage, and Warrior.

Adelamyth Tier List of Best Heroes

​Adelamyth tier list will give you information about the most famous heroes in the game. Every hero is an expert at something, so remember when choosing the best hero. Of course, your in-game situation will dictate which heroes you choose, but the goal is to find the hero that gives you the highest return on your investment. It is crucial if you’re a free player with limited resources.

Five sections are used to make it easy for you to understand the heroes of this Adelamyth Tier List.

Adelamyth tier list of best characters
  • SS Tier – These heroes are the best in Adelamyth and will perform exceptionally well in any game mode.
  • S Tier – These heroes perform better than other heroes and have a lot of strength to help you in the game.
  • A tier – Heroes in this tier are “balanced,” meaning they are not strong enough, but they are still not weaker. If you are looking for specific abilities in the game, they can be a great addition to your team.
  • B Tier – The heroes in this Adelamyth Tier List are Slightly Underpowered. 
  • C Tier – The heroes in this Adelamyth Tier List are Underpowered and last in Ranking. They should not be selected if you don’t already have heroes at the higher levels.

This Adelamyth Tier List was designed for end-game play and has been tested with high-end accounts. However, this does not preclude you from using the list if you’re a beginner.

Adelamyth SS Tier List of Heroes

CharactersIconTierHero Role and Grade
MosesMoses 11zonSSLight – Mage / AoE and CC – 4 SKills
SethSeth 11zonSSWind – Ranger / Execute and Damage bonus – 4 Skills
SphinxSSDark – Mage / Curse and CC – 4 Skills

Adelamyth S Tier List of Heroes

CharactersIconTierHero Role and Grade
BerialBerialSDark – Ranger / Combo and Pursue – 4 Skills
ErisErisSLight – Ranger / Pursue and Strike Back – 4 Skills
HeraHeraSDark – Ranger / Curse and Damage Bonus – 4 Skills
ElizabethElizabethSWater – Ranger / AoE and Stacking Attack – 4 Skills
GaiaGaiaSWind – Support / Healing and Bless – 4 Skills
AugustusAugustusSWater – Warrior / Protection and Strike Back – 4 Skills
MichaelMichael 11zonSLight – Support / Revive and Healing – 4 Skills
TiamatTiamat 11zonSWater – Mage / AoE and Boost – 4 Skills
AuroraAurora 11zonSWater – Mage / Aoe and Freeze – 4 Skills
GabrielGabriel 11zonSFire – Ranger / Execute and Damage bonus – 4 Skills

Adelamyth A Tier List of Heroes

CharacterIconTierHero Role and Grade
SolomonSolomon 11zonAFire – Mage / Revive and Strike back – 4 Skills
WukongWukong 11zonAWind – Ranger / Taunt and Real damage – 4 Skills
DianaDiana 11zonAWind – Warrior / Protection and Strike back – 4 Skills
CharlotteCharlotte 11zonAFire – Support / Damage bonus and Debuff – 4 Skills
NyxADark – Support / CC and Shield – 4 Skills
AresAres 11zonALight – Ranger / Pursue and Strike Back – 4 Skills
PoseidonPoseidon 11zonAWater – Warrior / Taunt and Mitigation – 4 Skills
IzanamiIzanami 11zonAFire – Ranger / Execute and Combo – 4 Skills
MichelleMichelle 11zonAWater – Support / Revive and Bless – 4 Skills
DorisDoris 11zonAWater – Mage / CC and Healing reduction – 4 Skills
LilithLilith 11zonADark – Warrior / Curse and Burst Damage – 4 Skills
TycheTyche 11zonALight – Mage / Weaken and Dispel – 4 Skills

Adelamyth B Tier List of Heroes

CharacterIconTierHero Role and Grade
AliceAlice 11zonBLight – Support / Aoe Healing and Armor Break – 4 Skills
AstolphoAstolpho 11zonBLight – Warrior / Taund and Shield – 3 Skills
Hassan XIVHassan xiv 11zonBWater – Mage / AoE and Backfire effect – 4 Skills
MedousaMedousa 11zonBWind – Mage / Petrify and Bleeding – 3 Skills
MerlinMerlin 11zonBWind – Mage / Anti-healing and Armor break – 4 Skills

Adelamyth C Tier List of Heroes

CharacterIconTierHero Role and Grade
FrancisFrancis 11zonCFire – Ranger / Burning and Damage bonus – 3 Skills
MulanMulan 11zonCWind – Ranger Armor break and bleeding – 4 Skills
LillyLilly 11zonCWind – SUpport / Healing and Revive – 3 Skills
JoanJoan 11zonCLight – Ranger / Combo and AoE – 3 Skills
NatsukiNatsuki 11zonCFire – Mage / AoE and Burning – 4 Skills
AbaddonAbaddon 11zonCDark – Ranger / Curse and Silence – 3 Skills
AprilApril 11zonCDark – Mage / Curse ad Poison – 3 Skills
MargaretMargaret 11zonCFire – Mage / Burning AoE – 4 Skills
MuirgenMuirgen 11zonCWater – Support / Healing and Shield – 3 Skills
AgronaAgrona 11zonCWater – Mage / AoE and Freeze – 3 Skills
MaryMary 11zonCFire – Ranger / Burning and HP Stealing – 3 Skills

What is Adelamyth?

Adelamyth is a game that uses turn-based Idle RPGs. It has a wide range of modes to keep you fighting!

Adelamyth Game Story

The evil forces are invading the world. In the fight to defend their homeland, many heroes died. One of these heroes, Merlin, promised to unify the heroes and protect their homeland. He said that if everyone were willing to fight, he would find a way for everyone to be resurrected. There is, however, a massive gap between heroes and enemies. Finally, they lost. The Soul Tree, established before the war, has agreed to provide a way for heroes to strengthen their souls. Their souls can be resurrected with their memories and are immortal after death. They wait for a warrior who will awaken them and save their homeland. Will you be that warrior?

Adelamyth Game Features

Below are five main features of the Adelamyth Game. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Idle Role RPG

You can bring heroes to your team who will support your team by fighting automatically. Online or offline, it doesn’t matter where you are. When you log on again, reap the rewards

2. Summon – Collect – Level up

Adelamyth has more than 60 heroes across five factions (Water, wind, fire, dark, and light). To build the strongest team, level up your heroes. Then, to add a bonus to your hero attributes, gather soul energy to feed the Soul tree.

3. Strategic Battle

To defeat your enemies, equip your heroes and create unbeatable lines of force. Each faction has its formation buffs and factional advantages. There are six formations for you to choose from.

4. Rich Gameplay

To defeat the evil force, you must complete the campaign. To receive many rewards, climb the Abyss tower. Then, take on the Illusion trail to prove your worth. Find out how far you can get into the Maze Exploration to obtain relics. To find out how lucky you are, dice in Merlin’s treasure.

5. Worldwide Ranking

You can fight with players from around the world (Arena and Cross-server Arena), or you can compete for glory to defend your guild (guild war, Cross-server guild war).

So that is all about Adelamyth tier list of best heroes. Consider checking out Genshin Impact Tier List and Shindo Life Bloodlines Tier List. Share it on social media if you find this tier list helpful.

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