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10 Best Minecraft Sex mods for Players

Minecraft can be used for many reasons, including educational purposes, artistic expression, or just playing with friends. However, with the ability to make mods for any subject, it was just an issue of time before the modding community came up with sexual mods, just like any other game.

For those who want to add an adult dimension to the Minecraft games (we will not judge you too harshly), These are the best 10 Minecraft sex mods we’ve come across. We’ve listed them in ascending order based on how attractive they might be, for instance, if you’re interested in the genre.

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10. FFC Texture Mod

Minecraft ffc texture mod

The Mod FFC allows you to alter enemies’ textures, enabling you to add an array of “enhanced female characteristics.” There is the possibility of adding a mix of male and female characteristics, which could produce intriguing combinations when encountering opponents.

9. Nude male and female parts models

Nude male and female parts models mod can allow you to take off the clothes of both male and female characters in Minecraft. It will enable you to modify your characters’ body parts, improve specific figures, and create distinctive combinations from body parts. While it is most commonly used to take off clothing, it can also focus on particular interests by combining certain elements.

8. Models for Figura!

If you’re interested in changing female texture, the Models for Figura mod lets you remove female clothing and see naked models. There is a wide selection of women’s naked textures; however, there are also female-specific textures that contain female body parts for people attracted to this genre.

7. Lewd Resource Pack

Instead of manipulating the texture directly, the Lewd Resource pack allows you to use animated Japanese characters in sexually explicit situations. It also lets you modify the sounds of combat to include sexually explicit sounds and even decorate furniture using these images. The images can be suited to different interests; however, be aware that certain images may be more violent than other content.

6. MC Sex

MC Sex Mod allows you to enjoy some exclusive interactions with female characters in specially-designed houses to be used for such activities. Although there will be no real-time animations to watch, it’s a good option for those who want to enjoy the idea but don’t want to watch.

5. Lewd-Craft

Minecraft lewd craft sex mod

Lewd-Craft mod lets you alter enemy mobs’ appearance. There are many options for customization that can be adapted to your needs; however, this could consume a lot of resources when many enemies appear on your display.

4. Girl Kingdom

If you’d like to be sexually involved with mobs in the enemy’s territory, the Girl Kingdom mod is the one you’re searching for. There are various features for engaging with mobs in the way you want and for customizing mobs to match your preferred style.

3. Pretty Flesh

Minecraft pretty flesh sex mod

Pretty Flesh mod uses a nude female model with whom you can interact. Although there aren’t any animations you can use, it is possible to summon a new female model and extract specific ingredients from it. The name you choose for the model can also impact certain interactions.

2. SchnurriTV’s Sexmod official

One of the most popular mods that can be used to improve the sexuality of Minecraft, SchnurriTV’s Sexmod, allows you to engage in sexual interactions with a wide range of women. There will be places explicitly created for this, and you can get assistance through specific Discord servers if you want to customize the mod further.

1. Jenny Mod

Minecraft jenny mod

If you’re looking to have interactions with only a female character, then the Jenny Mod is a perfect choice. You can modify Jenny’s appearance in any way you want and even take action in conjunction with Jenny when you pay her. The actions you wish to have her perform will impact the price; however, it’s among the most effective mods available for sexually explicit animations.

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